WATCH: Alexander Zverev gets into a heated argument with the line judge during the finals of Roland Garros

The towering Russian was livid with the line judge.

WATCH: Alexander Zverev gets into a heated argument with the line judge during the finals of Roland Garros

Alexander Zverev was left fuming with the umpire (Via Imago)

The line judge controversy continued at the French Open finals between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev. The match got off to an interesting start with both players exchanging breaks. Soon it was Alcaraz, who capitalized on the set with another break, eventually winning the set. 

However, the German returned in great fashion, taking the next two sets with some great tennis. This was not the only interesting thing to watch in the match, as both the players argued with the chair umpire. Initially, it was Carlos Alcaraz, who loudly muttered “unbelievable” after a call from the umpire. 

Later on, Zverev had a heated exchange with the umpire over a call. He had hit the ball to the forehand of Alcaraz, but it just grazed the doubles court and the umpire had rightly checked the right mark to call it out. However, Zverev pointed at a different mark and argued for the point. Nonetheless, Alcaraz won the point and even the Hawkeye confirmed that the ball was out.

Alexander Zverev showed immense grit to make a comeback but it was to no avail

The French Open final match between Alexander Zverev and Carlos Alcaraz was a treat to the eyes. Both the players were giving it their all for the title in Paris and were equally winning points. However, for a brief moment, Alcaraz was in the lead and was a couple of sets away from winning his second set in the match. 

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev (Via Imago)

However, he bottled the lead and allowed his opponent to come back. Zverev fought his way from 5-2 to match it 5-5 and eventually win the losing set 7-5. A great comeback from the World No.4, who then inched closer to the title.

Soon, the Spaniard also bounced back and made his mark in the fourth set, pushing Zverev to the limits, mentally and physically. With an early break, he went on to take the fourth set 6-1. The fifth set was no different, as the sublime Alcaraz won 6-2, to earn his maiden French Open title.

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