All COVID-19 positive Hockey players shifted to hospital after Mandeep Singh

Indian Hockey Team

Recently, Indian hockey team player Mandeep Singh was shifted to hospital due to the dropping of his blood oxygen level below normal. And now, other players who were tested positive for COVID-19 along with Mandeep are too shifted to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The names of the players tested positive along with Mandeep Singh are, Surender Kumar, Jaskaran Singh, Varun Kumar and Krishan B Pathak, captain Manpreet Singh.

Upon their arrival at National Camp in NCOE Bengaluru, all six players were tested positive for COVID-19 during SAI’s ‘mandatory COVID-19 test’.

But the news is that the SAI stated that ‘all the 6 players are in good health and recovering well’.

SAI’s Statement on COVID+ Players

“After captain Mandeep Singh was hospitalized late on Monday night, owing to a dip in his oxygen level, the SAI decided to shift the other 5 players, team captain Manpreet Singh, Jaskaran Singh, Surender Kumar, Varun Kumar, and Krishna B Pathak to SS Sparsh Multi-specialty hospital in Bengaluru on Tuesday afternoon, as a precautionary measure.” stated the SAI.

The statement further read, “the decision to hospitalize then was taken so as to ensure the players were attended to at all times and could be given the best possible treatment. All six athletes are in good health and recovering well.”

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