Let’s Run Like the Amazing Andre De Grasse! A Peek at the 6-Time Olympic Medallist’s Training Regime.

Let’s Run Like the Amazing Andre De Grasse! A Peek at the 6-Time Olympic Medallist’s Training Regime.

andre de grasse

“Never let your success go to your head, never let your failures get in your heart.”

~Andre De Grasse

Andre De Grasse is one of the finest sprinters in Canadian track and field history. Born on the 10th of November, 1994, he is famed for being a record-holder in the field of 200m running, which he set during his exemplary run in the Olympics. He and former runner Donovan Bailey became the first Canadians to run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds. 27, he is a University of Southern California sprinter who started his career at the young of 17. The globally renowned runner has gained numerous laurels, the greatest of which are the Olympic medals that he begged for his team, Canada.


Andre De Grasse

A health routine, such as Andre De Grasse’s, calls for a whole lot of dedication. Yet, with your determined new year’s resolution in 2022, we are confident that it’s your cup of tea! Let’s take a look at the exercise routine that the legendary and super-fit sprinter follows. Wait! This story goes a lot deeper than that! In addition to a rigorous training plan, the healthy eating plan of the player shall also be disclosed to you.

Despite being an Olympian, the training routine he follows is often excessively rigorous. He trains six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, and spends about 4 hours a day training. Despite the difficulty of sticking to a specific regime, he remains true to it even though he travels constantly, and. a lot.


When he’s abroad, he generally flies at night, arrives at his destination in the morning, after which stays up till the next morning. As he believes that if he sleeps that day, it’s going to disturb his sleep pattern, and an amazing night’s rest could be very essential for him, with about eight to ten hours of sound sleep per night. Additionally, he consumes a healthful diet. Andre generally attempts to eat quite a few proteins and carbohydrates. It’s pretty much the same habitual routine most of the time.

In addition to his physical health and fitness, he is also mentally calm and at peace, thus healthy. How does he accomplish this? Obviously, he practices an exceptional deal. As an avid music listener and indeed loves to dance a little to lighten his mind! Listening to music, as he says, gives him an experience of calm and enables his focus on the race. His family and coach are essential sources of motivation and happiness for him.

Andre De Grasse Daughter

Andre De Grasse’s Workout Routine

Here are sample exercises that he does, even though his fitness routine and workout plan do not stay regular at all times. Follow the exercises mentioned below in order, take 90-second breaks post every set and 2 minutes rest before transferring onto the following exercise.


Attempt on focussing on perfecting your form as you carry out these exercises, as opposed to trying to execute them as quickly as possible.

Exercise 1

  • Press-ups

Reps & sets: 10 reps; 2 sets

Benefits: Strengthens chest, shoulders, and improves each element of running including posture and arm power.

Exercise 2

  • Dumbbell row

Reps & sets: 12 reps on each side; 2 sets


Benefits: It is useful in strengthening the upper back with the aid of balancing out chest strength.

Exercise 3

  • Tricep dips

Reps & sets: 12 reps; 2 sets

Benefits: This workout strengthens the arms and shoulders so you can preserve an upright posture whilst running.

Exercise 4

  • Step-ups

Reps & sets: 10 reps on each side; 2 sets


Benefits: Works most muscular tissues in the legs, improving running power.

Exercise 5

  • Squats

Reps & sets: 15 reps; 2 sets

Benefits: Strengthens the major muscle groups within the body that are used whilst running, consequently reducing injury risks. Effortlessly increases flexibility for quicker running strides.

Exercise 6

  • Walking lunges

Reps & sets: 8 reps on each side; 2 sets


Benefits: Enhances balance and coordination when you run with advanced single-leg balance. Additionally, it facilitates you run to faster by increasing stride length.

Exercise 7

  • Single-leg deadlift

Reps & sets: 10 reps on each side; 2 sets

Benefits: Increases running power through strengthening the glutes and hamstrings, and complements balance to lessen injury risk.

Exercise 8

  • Superman/back extension

Reps & sets: 10 reps; 2 sets


Benefits: Improves running performance and posture while also strengthening the middle and upper back.

Exercise 9

  • Glute bridge

Reps & sets: 15 reps; 2 sets

Benefits: These exercise objectives the glutes for improved activation while sprinting. As a result, your legs, pelvis, and torso will stay leveled and aligned whilst you run, enhancing your balance and hence your performance.

Exercise 10

  • Leg raises

Sets and reps: 10 reps; 2 sets


Benefits: Runners’ hip flexors are accountable for a knee lift that is why striding strengthens them. It makes the torso steadier through working the lower abdominals as well.

Workout Tips & Tricks

The workout routine he follows was all about that. Next, let’s throw some light on tips that may be applied while working out to obtain the most effective results; as suggested by none other than Andre De Grasse.

A routine should be adhered to, sure, and to do so, certain exercises should be carried out in a certain way. Following are a few tried and examined recommendations which De Grasse follows:

  • The Start

For De Grasse, the first 30 meters of a race aren’t his robust point. In addition to the beginning, Andre De Grasse has been working on rhythm and rise in sprinting as well together along with his current coach, Stuart McMillan.


His coach additionally suggested that Andre has the benefit of taking much better turns than him, since the sprinter is comparatively shorter than his coach, making his quick leg turnover easier.

  • The Andre Arm

It is the biomechanical anomaly named after its own alliteration. The runner extends his right arm out in place of keeping both arms bent at the elbow.

University of Toronto assistant professor Greg Wells mentioned that the possible reason for the runner to do so is that it gives him a little more leverage, allowing his muscles to exert more force on that side of his body; consequently providing him with more speed even though it may look unusual!

Andre Arm

  • Top Speed

The part of the race after the start and drive section is when de Grasse plays best. Donovan Bailey, Canadian sprint legend, proclaimed André’s pinnacle pace to be significant at the moment. The speed of De Grasse is a mixture of a few biomechanical features, said Wells.

At five-foot-nine, Andre De Grasse has a quick turnover rate that offers him an edge over bigger runners like Usain Bolt, who have longer strides. It has additionally been suggested that De Grasse’s muscles are especially composed of type II or fast-twitch fibers primarily based on his “extraordinarily explosive, extremely fast” legs. His speedy, powerful movements are caused by those fibers (slow, slow-twitch fibers are higher for staying power sports).

  • Sprint Mechanics

When De Grasse made his first attempt at the track, Sharpe said that the former basketball player’s mechanics were a “disaster”. Global News reported that Sharpe said De Grasse was “flawless” below the waistline. The result is a more efficient operation for De Grasse. In an interview, he was described as having a knack for staying tall – keeping his head balanced on his shoulders, his shoulders balanced on hips, and so on.

“With those mechanics plus the increased power (when De Grasse gets stronger), that’s the magical combination that allows you to really exponentially improve,” said Greg.

  • Speed Maintenance

Andre shares a quality with world-record holders Bailey and Bolt, which is that he is also slower on the start but leaves everyone awestruck while approaching the end, and is a pro at resisting fatigue. Due to the same, he can sustain speed for long durations!

It is the 200 meters where Andre De Grasse believes he excels – and a lot of professionals agree – due to his ability to resist fatigue. “I struggle a lot, everyone knows, in the start of my race in the 100 meters, but in the 200 it’s a lot better for me. I have a lot of speed endurance” Andre said.

Andre De Grasse Race

  • A Healthy Mind

It’s already an acknowledged fact that De Grasse puts on the best overall performance when it matters most. Nonetheless, he still lacks the experience of different competitors – the medals he gained at the world championships, Pan Am Games, and Olympics came in his first tries at those events.


De Grasse has already won experience in Rio, according to his coach; and McMillan told journalists that he could have achieved even more had he not gotten “pulled out of his race plan” and “rushed his acceleration” and we are hoping he’s thorough with these recommendations just as you will attempt to be!

De Grasse’s Diet


To live as consistent and sturdy as Andre De Grasse is now in the field, we’ll discover what he eats in the course of the day. The key to maintaining a healthy frame is to mix workout routines with diet, so consistency is necessary.


Now 24, De Grass recalls how he would come back home and just have a burger, and not care! “I was young [but] I’m not eating out as much [now] or snacking on junk food. I had to sacrifice some things and not be out late so I was ready for the next training day” he said.

The athlete was also young, merely 21 while he returned home with silver and 3 bronze medals from Brazil! While he enjoys success now, he admits he wasn’t always as committed to his fitness and nutrients in the past.

As much as you may do to construct energy and stamina on the track or at the gym, you should not brush aside your nutrients and weight-reduction plan. As far as nutrients are concerned, he claims to have dialed it in!

One of the interesting facts we found out is that before his 5:30 AM workout, he generally has a breakfast of eggs; which, as we have seen online, are his favorites!


Andre De Grasse making egg tacos

When he works out in the morning at around 10:15 and generally eats a sandwich with eggs and/or bell peppers eggs in it. Sometimes he also prefers scrambled eggs or omelets for breakfast.

In general, he took his nutrients a little more seriously as he got older as compared to what he consumed about half a decade ago.

While he’s traveling and on the road, his diet could be very distinct from while he’s at home due to the fact he has no access to home-cooked meals. So, he typically attempts to replicate the ingredients that he eats at home while he’s on the go, which includes seafood, eggs, and chicken.



There you’ve got it, the workout and diet regime Andre De Grasse follows for his training sessions and in his lifestyle! Depending on his desires and requirements, he may alter his plans at times, however, and with some exceptions, it stays relatively the same. We hope we could assist you with your new year’s workout and diet plan, just like Andre De Grasse’s!