Neial Nishant Bhuyan

(1108 Articles Published)

Neial N Bhuyan is a boxing/MMA writer at FirstSportz. He has been a MMA journalist since 2023 and has published over 500 articles. Neial has extensively covered multiple UFC title fights and crossover boxing matches for FirstSportz. He has invested over half a decade of his life in writing and the exciting prospect of mixed martial arts and boxing has enriched his life and helped him resonate with the millions of MMA fans worldwide through his writing. Neial himself has ventured into the world of boxing ever since he started writing about combat sports. The rich culture and cerebral nature of the game have helped him better understand the multiple nuances and intricate details of the sport. He has also invested time exploring the lives of the incredible athletes who have dedicated themselves to MMA and boxing. This in turn has helped Neial better present the rich culture and spirit of mixed martial arts and boxing to the world.

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