“Greatest of her era” – Caitlin Clark fans sulk in disappointment as South Carolina ruin superstar’s farewell NCAA game 

Caitlin Clark didn't get the fairytale ending everyone hoped for.

“Greatest of her era” – Caitlin Clark fans sulk in disappointment as South Carolina ruin superstar’s farewell NCAA game 

Caitlin Clark

It was not the fairytale ending Caitlin Clark and her fans were expecting on Sunday, as South Carolina had ruined what was supposed to be the crowning moment of her college basketball career. All season, the Gamecocks, who were undefeated (38-0), saw to that.

Caitlin Clark had a good game, scoring 30 points. Still, it was not enough, as they were defeated 87-75 in what seemed like a revenge game. Last season, the Hawkeyes eliminated them in the national semifinals before they fell to the LSU Tigers. However, she ended her college career with the most points in Division 1 men’s or women’s history, with an incredible 3,951 points.

The champions had four players in double figures, led by Tessa Johnson, who scored 19 points, while star center Kamilla Cardoso scored 15 points and 17 rebounds. While Bree Hall may not have had a glorious scoring night, she played her role effectively alongside Raven Johnson in neutralizing Clark’s potency all night, even though she started on fire in the first quarter and even got a shoutout from LeBron James.

For Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes, the story has been told and written; her impact on the game this season was there for all to see. As she enters the 2024 WNBA Draft, she will be fondly remembered as one of the GOATs, which was reiterated by South Carolina’s coach Dawn Staley.

You are one of the GOATs of our game. We appreciate you.
Dawn Staley said on the championship podium

Fans react to Caitlin Clark’s bitter-sweet moment at the NCAA Final

Caitlin Clark’s time in collegiate basketball has ended, and even though she didn’t receive the send-off she and most of the basketball community had imagined, she leaves with her legacy intact. As she gave her last postgame college press conference, she thanked the fans for their support and said she would definitely sleep well even though she lost.

At the end of the contest, basketball fans all over took to social media to express their sorrow for an ending they didn’t see coming. Check out a couple of those social media reactions down below:

Clark and the Hawkeyes did everything but win a national championship title. With Clark playing her role to perfection, she leaves as the best player in Iowa history and one of the NCAA’s best. Her surge in women’s basketball popularity will continue as she moves on to the WNBA, where she’s projected to be the No. 1 draft.

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