WATCH: ‘Gotta throw hands’ – Basketball’s ‘most disrespectful’ play VIRAL clip has fans losing their mind

A high school league shows what a "disrespectful" play actually means.

WATCH: ‘Gotta throw hands’ – Basketball’s ‘most disrespectful’ play VIRAL clip has fans losing their mind

Marshall tosses the ball to Davis (Image via Youtube)

You see a lot of disrespectful plays in the NBA but nothing matches this. The Overtime Elite League showed the world what an actually “disrespectful” play is. Who knew that an Atlanta-based high school league would produce such a moment?

In the game held on December 2, 2023, a play between RWE’s Daquan Davis and Cold Hearts’ Peyton Marshall went viral. In the play, Davis went on a drive towards the basket for a layup. Marshall blocked the shot, recovered the ball, and threw it back to Davis, who was lying outside the court. This play has gone viral since, due to the level of disrespect shown to an opponent.


Never in basketball history has such a disrespectful play happened before. Rather than proceed with a fast break on transition, Marshall decided to toss the ball he recovered after his block to Daquan Davis, who was lying outside the court. The fact that Daquan ended up on the floor is after his blocked shot from Marshall.

Over time Elite does not have excessive punishments in store like the NBA. Such a play would have drawn a technical foul in the NBA for taunting. These are 16- to 20-year-olds showcasing their play for the scouts watching in the stands.

Who are these players in the Overtime Elite League?

Peyton Marshall is a 4-star recruit for the 2024 season. The 7′ center initially committed to playing for Auburn, but he switched and then committed to the University of Missouri. Dayquan Davis is also a 4-star recruit who originally committed to Providence College. The 6’1″ point guard then de-committed and analyzed the offers on his table. Both are playing in the Atlanta-based Overtime Elite league to further hone their skills outside of their high school schedule.

Marshall blocks Davis
Marshall blocks Davis before the toss (Image via YouTube)

Despite having no bad blood between the two players, basketball fans were treated to possibly the most disrespectful play in history. Their reactions were such;

The fans have spoken, this play is the most disrespectful the basketball world has ever seen. There is no doubt about it.

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