WATCH: KU Jayhawks star Adams Jr gets emotional talk from coach after death of mother before UConn game

KJ Adams Jr played through the tragic loss of his mother, coach Bill Self calls him a stud for showing up for the team

WATCH: KU Jayhawks star Adams Jr gets emotional talk from coach after death of mother before UConn game

Bill Self emotionally appreciates KJ Adams Jr (Image via twitter)

Kansas University star KJ Adams Jr recently lost his mother. But that massive loss did not prevent Adams Jr from putting up a stellar game to defeat the No. 4 ranked University of Connecticut in the Big East- Big 12 game.

Adams Jr’s mother Yvonne Adams died recently after battling several years with cancer. KU Jayhawks coach Bill Self was very emotional after the game, knowing that his player has put the team on his back despite suffering from the biggest loss in his personal life.


The entire coaching staff is scheduled to fly along with KJ Adams Jr. to his hometown of Austin, Texas for the funeral of his mother. The emotions were high before and after the game as Adams Jr put up a career night for his team to take down the University of Connecticut Huskies. Adams Jr helped snap the Huskies’ a team that entered the game having won 24 straight nonconference games by double figures in the NCAA.

Bill Self was quoted in the video saying pointing to Adams Jr;

This game belonged to one person. It's that dude right there. Can you imagine the stress he has been under to play for you guys, the way he did tonight, knowing he has to get on a plane to say goodbye.
Wow, stud

Bill Self knew it would not be easy for Adams Jr to play. And he was happy for the young player for being selfless. This bodes well for his journey towards the NBA.


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The steady improvement of KJ Adams Jr

A four-star recruit out of high school, KJ Adams Jr elected to commit to the Kansas University Jayhawks over other similarly illustrious programs. In his freshman year, he averaged 1 point per game. Thereafter in last year’s championship winning season, Adams Jr improved to 10.6 points and 4.3 rebounds per game. His improvements garnered him the Big 12 most improved player award last season.

Adams Jr and his mother Yvonne
Adams Jr and his mother Yvonne (Image via twitter)

This year Adams Jr is averaging 11.8 point, 3.6 rebounds and 2.5 assists through 8 games. A year-on-year improvement like this will bode well for his draft stock. The 6′ 7″ 235lb forward was instrumental in last season’s championship winning team. And his focus is to repeat it this year as a starter.


Adams Jr showed high character for playing with his team. But he also did it for his mother.

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