Top female star sends heartwarming message to Cody Rhodes after WWE Live Event 

Bayley is ecstatic seeing how far Cody Rhodes has come in his career.

Top female star sends heartwarming message to Cody Rhodes after WWE Live Event 

Cody Rhodes (via WWE)

Cody Rhodes‘ journey from undesirable to undeniable has been impeccable. The 38-year-old has come a long way, from being Stardust to wrestling in the indies to launching WWE’s biggest competitor since WCW. His tedious journey was recently acknowledged by Bayley.

Bayley recently uploaded an Instagram story of a WWE Live event in Macon, Georgia. Her story featured the American Nightmare standing in the middle of the ring and delivering a promo after winning his main-event match. The Role Model mentioned how Rhodes had said that he fell down the stairs in that same building (Macon Centreplex Coliseum) when he was eight years old.

Three decades later, Cody Rhodes entered that building as WWE Undisputed Champion and main-evented that show. It was heartwarming to see the WWE Women’s Champion showering praise upon her friend after his tedious journey. The female superstar also commended Jey Uso‘s entrance at the same event.

@americannightmarecody said when he was 8, he fell down the stairs in this building. Tonight he walked in as champion and main evented. 
Bayley on Instagram

There is no doubt that the formerly known Stardust has come a long way in his wrestling career. He has established himself as a main-event talent after spending several years away from the company. Even after returning to the WWE as the American Nightmare, he had to wait two full years before he could finish his story and walk out as WWE Champion.

Bayley steals items from the locker room of Cody Rhodes’ King and Queen of the Ring opponent

On the latest episode of SmackDown, Logan Paul was announced as the next challenger for Cody Rhodes at the King and Queen of the Ring PLE. The Social Media superstar called out the WWE Undisputed Champion and called him several hurtful things. Bayley, being a great friend, knew that she had to take revenge.

Cody Rhodes Bayley
Cody Rhodes and Bayley (via WWE)

The former NXT Women’s Champion posted an Instagram story of herself sneaking into Paul’s locker room. She looked through his stuff and charged towards his huge stash of PRIME energy drinks. The female superstar stole a can for herself from the massive stash. The story ended abruptly, without showing her drinking from the can or what she did with it.

The energy drink company is surely getting a ton of exposure since Logan Paul debuted in the WWE. Not only is it a staple of the Maverick’s character, but it has also become an official sponsor of the Stamford-based promotion with the logo being seen in the centre of the ring at all PLEs.

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