Sick of disrespect, Belal Muhammad GOES OFF on Leon Edwards for dismissing title shot

Belal Muhammad is tired of Leon Edwards and his crew treating him disrespectfully.

Sick of disrespect, Belal Muhammad GOES OFF on Leon Edwards for dismissing title shot

Belal Muhammad blasts Leon Edwards for delayed title shot (via Imago)

No. 2 ranked welterweight contender Belal Muhammad has unleashed his fury on champion Leon Edwards. He accused the Brit of actively avoiding a title shot rematch in a scathing rant. The war of words has taken an explosive turn, with Muhammad leaving no stone unturned in his verbal assault.

Belal Muhammad recently did an interview where he spoke about his impending title shot. He did not have anything nice to say about Edwards and his team. Muhammad also talked about Edwards downplaying his achievements and how the delay in receiving the title shot made him hate the welterweight champion.

I hate [Leon’s] guts… They’re trying to avoid me, him downplaying my accomplishments… that stuff does nothing but piss me off. It’s fuelling me with hatred for this guy and I just can’t wait to get in there and get my hands on him…Leon sucks. He sucks at fighting, he sucks at talking, he sucks at promotion.
Belal Muhammad via MiddleEasy

According to Muhammad, the signs of Leon Edwards‘ reluctance were glaringly obvious. He claimed Edwards’ team repeatedly called for fights against lower-ranked opponents, desperate to avoid the inevitable showdown. The 35-year-old contender believes Edwards was well aware of the threat he posed.

The UFC’s welterweight division awaits its next move. But one thing is clear: Belal Muhammad is determined to settle the score with Leon Edwards. With tensions at an all-time high, this potential fight promises to be a heated affair, both inside and outside the cage. Fight fans would have to wait and see if the UFC top brass likes this matchup.

Belal Muhammad claims that Leon Edwards will have ‘the worst night’ in their rematch

Belal Muhammad recently vowed to deliver a violent finish when he finally gets his long-awaited rematch against champion Leon Edwards. The bad blood between the two has reached a boiling point. Muhammad’s words carry an ominous tone that promises fireworks inside the octagon.

Belal Muhammad vows to finish Leon Edwards in the rematch
Belal Muhammad vows to finish Leon Edwards in the rematch (via DAZN)

Muhammad predicted that the rematch would be the worst night for Leon Edwards. The 35-year-old is adamant that his skills have evolved exponentially since their anticlimactic no-contest in 2021.

I’m only growing every single fight, every single camp. Now you’re going to give me a full 12, 14 weeks to fight Leon Edwards? It’s going to be the worst night of his life.
Belal Muhammad via MMA Fighting

Rumors are swirling about UFC announcing a title clash between the two soon. The PPV event in Manchester will likely feature the title fight between Edwards and Muhammad. The Palestinian-American has only finished one fight in his last ten. Hence, it remains to be seen what kind of domination Muhammad is alluding to about giving Edwards the ‘worst night’ of his life.

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