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“Conor can get it then,” AJ McKee agrees with Jake Paul and says he could kill 2015 Conor McGregor

A.J. McKee believes he could beat 2015 Conor McGregor after Jake Paul instigates some tension between the two fighters.

AJ McKee and Conor McGregor

AJ McKee thinks he is the best featherweight in the world and believes he could have beat up Conor McGregor from 2015. YouTube boxer Jake Paul backs the American featherweight in this debate.

AJ McKee stunned the MMA world after he dethroned two-division Bellator champion, Patricio Pitbull, from his featherweight throne at Bellator 263 this year. AJ won the fight via submission in the very first round within two minutes. Winning the belt helped McKee’s claim of being the world’s best featherweight. After his win, YouTube boxer Jake Paul who has been a prominent headline maker in the MMA world dragged UFC superstar Conor McGregor into the mix with a controversial tweet that said, “AJ McKee would kill 2015 McGregor.”

AJ recently appeared in an interview with MMA Fighting and spoke about this tweet. The Bellator champion stands with Jake Paul’s tweet and thinks he would be a challenge for “The Notorious One”. “I enjoyed it,” McKee said. “I think that’s a smart man, and he knows what’s up. He probably sees the mindset. He sees the look in my eyes. At the end of the day, Conor can get it then, he can get it now. Like I said before he became champ-champ, I said I was going to do it.”

“All the accolades he’s achieved in his life, hats off to him, but he’s lost. It’s a different mindset. You give him a way out and he’ll take it. Versus myself, if you give me a way out, I’m not going to take it — you’re going to have to earn it.”

AJ McKee thinks he can beat UFC featherweight Alexander Volkanovski

AJ McKee at Bellator 263

Right now the featherweight king in McKee’s rival promotion is Alexander Volkanovski. There has been an ongoing war between the champions of UFC and Bellator. AJ thinks he can beat up Alex too. “I’ll send him back to rugby,” McKee joked when speaking about Volkanovski.”

“I come home victorious. It’s that kill or be killed mindset. At the end of the day, a lot of respect to Volkanovski being a world champion but he came from another sport. For you to be in another sport and come over to this sport and be dominant, that shows he has the mindset to do it but I don’t have all the crafts. Actually, I know he doesn’t have all the crafts to do it. Whether it’s on the feet, whether it’s on the ground, wherever the fight may go, adapting in the situation, I feel like there’s a lot to expose in his career, in his skill set.

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