“Best bantamweight in the world” – Patchy Mix’s ‘super slick’ submission against Sergio Pettis at Bellator 301 leaves MMA world in shock

Patchy Mix becomes the new Bellator bantamweight champion. He submitted Sergio Pettis in the second round via a rear naked choke.  

“Best bantamweight in the world” – Patchy Mix’s ‘super slick’ submission against Sergio Pettis at Bellator 301 leaves MMA world in shock

Patchy Mix submits Sergio Pettis to become the bantamweight champion (via X)

Patchy Mix gave a great performance in the highly anticipated Bellator 301 event. He submitted the bantamweight champion Sergio Pettis and claimed the undisputed title in the co-main event. The bout, which functioned as a championship unification fight, displayed the abilities and tenacity of two of the world’s best bantamweights.

Mix quickly pressed Pettis and used his kicking game to target Pettis’ body early in the first round. His grappling prowess was on display when he executed a flawless takedown and pulled Pettis off the ground, smashing him to the canvas. Mix maintained control on the ground throughout the opening round. This showed that he had the upper hand in the grappling area.


Mix maintained his domination in the second round, pressing Pettis into the fence and earning another takedown. The fight’s pivotal moment came at 1:51 of the second round. Mix successfully tightened his grip on the RNC, causing Pettis to tap out.

Patchy Mix declared himself the best bantamweight on the planet in the post-fight celebration. The prospect of his future opponents merely adds to the excitement surrounding his championship quest.

MMA community reacts to Patchy Mix’s incredible performance

Patchy Mix defeated Sergio Pettis by submission to capture the undisputed bantamweight title. The fight was a championship unification match between two outstanding bantamweights and attracted fans and analysts alike, eliciting a flood of responses across social media platforms.

Patchy Mix won at Bellator 301
Patchy Mix won at Bellator 301 (via Buffallo News)

Fans, fighters, and analysts filled social media with words of congratulations and surprise in response to Mix’s tremendous performance. Celebratory posts filled with shock and awe presented a vivid image of the community’s vibrant response to the championship unification match. Here are some of the reactions from the MMA community to this bout:

The events of Bellator 301 made Mix’s position as the top bantamweight. The MMA community now recognizes Patchy Mix as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive environment of Bellator.

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