Bill Belichick cautions against Draft stock reports due to heavy ‘agent influence’

Bill Belichick shared an important update ahead of the NFL Draft in the coming season.

Bill Belichick cautions against Draft stock reports due to heavy ‘agent influence’

Bill Belichick (via IMAGO)

The NFL crowd will witness Bill Belichick in a new role in the coming NFL draft. After 24 long years, the former head coach will not be a part of any team. Instead, he will play a role in the media by providing his expert analysis in the upcoming season. As such, Belichick came on The Pat McAfee Show. However, the media role is not a permanent one, as he expects to search for head coaching duties in 2025.

Ahead of the draft, the former head coach shared some very interesting data. The Super Bowl-winning coach told Pat McAfee and others that the teams can not be trusted in terms of getting the right players. He believed that the agents would have better information about the players joining the teams.

Nobody wants their player to get picked higher than them, so a lot of the information that comes to the media about who’s going to draft who, how high they’re going to go, is a lot of media driven. So, when the agent hears, ‘My player could go anywhere from the second or the third round,’ you add one to that and say, ‘These GMs are talking about taking my guy in the first round.'
Bill Belichick via The Pat McAfee Show

The former Patriots did not receive a new coaching offer once he left the Patriots. There were rumors about the Atlanta Falcons having Belichick on the shortlist, but they never reached an agreement. The legendary coach also added that he never told any agent about the specific round where he would take a player in the draft. Belichick felt that the agents controlled that narrative much more than anyone expected.

Bill Belichick was in full swing when he discussed the impact of the agents in the league. He noted that the events hold the most significant part in drafting their best clients in the league. This analyst version of Belichick has an interesting outlook compared to the coaching counterpart. As such, one can expect the legendary coach to give his expert analysis for the upcoming season.

Bill Belichick said teams leak data sometimes

During his conversation on The Pat McAfee Show, Bill Belichick said the NFL teams have a habit of leaking data sometimes. However, that does not ensure they will have the best outputs regarding the players. The agents play a more trusted role.

Bill Belichick (via CBS Sports)

The former Patriots coach revealed that data will be leaked as the NFL draft comes closer. He also revealed that those data could have crucial information to help any team understand certain things about how other teams will operate during the draft.

There is information that can leak out of the organization to give insight about what a team is going to do. I think it’s a little early for that, but when you get into the last 12 or less hours before the draft, sometimes that information can be very, very accurate and helpful. 
Bill Belichick via The Pat McAfee Show

Belichick has not gotten any offers from other teams after getting sacked from the New England Patriots team. It is too late to seek any other head coaching duties this close to the NFL Draft. As such, he will have to sit out the entire 2024/25 NFL season before trying again in 2025. For now, the NFL fanbase will get to see the analyst version of Belichick for the foreseeable future.

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