Bill Belichick hilariously snubs the ‘biased’ Patriots documentary during his appearance for the Tom Brady roast special

Belichick took plenty of jibes at Brady at the former QB's roast.

Bill Belichick hilariously snubs the ‘biased’ Patriots documentary during his appearance for the Tom Brady roast special

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Semi-retired Bill Belichick might be one of the most fascinating people out there. The former head coach of the New England Patriots seems to be a totally different person after stepping down from his role.

This new version of Belichick is outspoken, hilarious, and spares no punches. He shocked fans when it was made public that Belichick was going to be one of the roasters at Tom Brady’s Greatest Roast of All Time.

Bill Belichick has had a rough couple of months recently. He lost his job as the head coach of the New England Patriots after nearly three decades. Despite his attempts to land a job in a head coaching position in other teams, he was unable to do that either, and after the release of Apple TV’s The Dynasty, a documentary on the Pats iconic Super Bowl run under Brady and Belichick, his image took a hit.

Belichick was portrayed negatively in the documentary, it seemed that one of the main takeaways from the documentary was that the former head coach was to blame for the Patriots losing Tom Brady and their subsequent struggles. While Belichick had not publicly commented on anything with respect to the documentary, he took a jibe at it earlier in the roast on Sunday.

Seriously, it’s an honor to be at the ‘Roast of Tom Brady’ on Netflix tonight. It’s not to be confused with the 10-part Bill Belichick roast during the Apple TV documentary.
Bill Belichick said

The crowd went crazy as it heard Belichick dish this veiled comment out towards the documentary of the Patriots.

Bill Belichick was indeed portrayed poorly in ‘The Dynasty’

The Dynasty has received mixed responses from fans and former players. While it was meant to be a documentary of the iconic New England Patriots franchise between 2000-2019 when they won six Super Bowls and reached nine of them, it quickly became an indictment of Bill Belichick with team owner Robert Kraft pointing the finger at him on multiple occasions.

Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady (via IMAGO)

Some players have come out and criticized the portrayal of Belichick in the docuseries as being unfair to him. Ultimately, despite whatever reservations he had about Tom Brady, he ended up playing a big part in the success of the franchise.

Belichick’s dig at the documentary can also be viewed as him clapping back at Robert Kraft, who was present at the roast. Seriousness aside, it was nice to see him be able to make light of this and laugh at it.

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