“There’s internet sh*t and there’s real life!” Bobby Green sends warning shots to Conor McGregor’s training partner

Bobby Green takes issue with Dillon Danis disrespecting him; reminds Danis of the difference between real life and the internet.

“There’s internet sh*t and there’s real life!” Bobby Green sends warning shots to Conor McGregor’s training partner

Bobby Green menacingly warns Dillon Danis (via Imago)

The latest chapter of MMA’s never-ending drama is here. UFC lightweight Bobby Green has his sights set on one of Conor McGregor’s most infamous training partners, Dillon Danis. Green accused Danis of disrespect and warned him of dire consequences.

Taking to social media, the always outspoken Bobby Green sent a clear message to the jiu-jitsu ace turned MMA fighter. A video clip showed Green passing on a message to Dillon Danis. He told Danis there was a prominent difference between ‘reel life’ and real life.

Dillon, I keep telling you. There is a difference between the internet sh*t, there’s followers and likes and comments, talking about a bunch of ni****s you don’t even know. And then there is real-life sh*t like there is a difference.
Bobby Green via Instagram Story

Bobby Green talked about his life compared to that of Danis’. The lightweight fighter said that he was respected in any room he walked in. This was in contrast to what Danis experienced, as per him. For those unaware, Danis has angled for fights against established UFC names despite his limited professional MMA experience. His loud mouth and brash persona have clearly rubbed Green the wrong way.

Danis’ last fight was against Logan Paul in a boxing match. He lost the fight via disqualification for attempting a takedown and an illegal choke. Bobby Green is coming off a win over Jim Miller at the historic UFC 300. He had lost via KO against Jailin Turner before this win. While a fight between the two seems unlikely, Green clearly wanted to reassert himself as the top dog.

Bobby Green called out Paddy Pimblett after UFC 300 win

UFC 300 was a historic event with intense fights. One such fight was Bobby Green vs. Jim Miller. Bobby Green had only one name on his mind following his impressive victory at UFC 300: Liverpool’s own Paddy Pimblett. He didn’t mince words while calling him out.

Bobby Green calls out Paddy Pimblett
Bobby Green calls out Paddy Pimblett (via MMA Fighting)

Paddy was interviewed after his victory over Miller. He called out Paddy Pimblett as his next opponent in a unique way. The colorful callout from Green saw him bashing Pimblett for trying to secure a fight against him. This is what he stated:

Paddy, how dare you, you slimy, sugary little snake, how dare you say my name? I'm coming after you. July, I'm coming to your backyard, with your people, to kick your ***.
Bobby Green via UFC 300 post-fight interview

Green then questioned if Pimblett could withstand his trademark heavy strikes. He said they would find out if Pimblett had the chin in the octagon. Renato Moicano is another recent winner eyeing a clash with the popular Pimblett. As such, Green recently blasted Pimblett for choosing to fight Moicano instead. It remains to be seen who the UFC books Pimblett against.

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