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“Number 1 heel in the world,” Jake Paul praised by WWE superstar for an outstanding marketing gimmick

Paul is an undefeated boxer now who last defeated former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley for the second time.

Jake Paul-Drew McIntyre

Seems like Youtuber-cum-boxer Jake Paul isn’t just the talk of the town in the boxing and MMA world, but seems like the world of professional wrestling has some minds to speak on Paul too. Paul was already a famous kid because of his Youtube fan base before he decided to turn a professional boxer, he rose to fame when he knocked out former MMA world champion and Olympian Ben Askren, the fame that exponentially grew right after his knockout win off former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Now, as Paul is off for a long break after having 4 back to back bouts for 13 months straight, he still has some opponents, potential ones, in his mind when he comes back, which includes UFC Megastars Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal, as well as UFC President Dana White and boxing legend Mike Tyson. Paul is definitely the most talked-about figure in the combat sports world right now but even WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre cannot stop himself from admiring the gimmick Paul portrays to sell the shows.

Drew McIntyre says he might take a page or two out Jake Paul’s book of being an exceptional heel


Drew McIntyre, a WWE Superstar is a former 2-time WWE Champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former NXT Champion and former 2-time Tag Team Champion. McIntyre is surely one of the biggest focal points in the contemporary scenario of professional wrestling right now, and one of the key things to get big in professional wrestling is to have a phenomenal heel to work on. However, McIntyre is himself impressed by how Jake Paul carries himself in this aspect.

In his interview with DAZN USA, McIntyre said, “I’m assuming that Jake Paul’s fight was cool to see in person. Number one heel in the world right now. So when I have that big heel turn down the line, I’m going to start taking tips from that guy as everybody freaking hates him.”

On comparing both Paul and his brother Logan, McIntyre further commented “Honestly, I get confused between them both. But every time I hear in Logan and hear the name Logan, everybody’s saying the same reaction, ‘God, this guy.’ And when they walk into buildings, I assume it’s more Jake Paul. He walks into the building, and he gets booed wherever he goes.

Jake Paul

What do you make of McIntyre’s comments on Paul? Do you feel that the concept of a bad guy “heel” in professional wrestling can do wonders for marketing the combat sports business? It’s a fair point that the fight business is rather a sports business and while the rules of the sport cannot change, the rules of sports promotion can be learnt swiftly transferring the principles from the business model of one sport to the other.

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