Floyd Mayweather Fight Record: How many losses does ‘Money Mayweather’ have?

Floyd Mayweather's boxing record has impressed everyone in the boxing world. Find out some vivid details about his career.

Floyd Mayweather Fight Record: How many losses does ‘Money Mayweather’ have?

Floyd Mayweather had an undefeated fighting record (Image via: siasat.com)

Floyd Mayweater Jr. is a living legend due to his contribution to the world of boxing. The “Mayweather Style of Boxing” is so unique that even after years of studying such a fighting style, no one has found a way to break open Mayweather’s strategy. Floyd Mayweather’s fight record itself remains an unachievable task.


Mayweather began his boxing career with a glorious run in the 1996 Olympics, winning the bronze medal for the USA. Although Mayweather’s team was unhappy with how some fights were judged, Mayweather returned with pride. Floyd went from one milestone to another ever since the turn of the millennium. Mayweather is one of the few elite boxers in the world to have a perfect record of 50-0.

Mayweather has a rollercoaster relationship with the people. Unlike tenacious fighters like Mike Tyson, the fans initially were not too fond of Mayweather for various reasons, like his troubles with the law. Earlier in his career, he went by the nickname “Pretty Boy.” However, Floyd’s persistent brilliance in the boxing ring raked in millions of dollars, private jets, and fame, giving him a new nickname, “Money.”

Floyd defeated top-notch fighters like Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao throughout his career. The boxing legend has even made three comebacks from 3 different retirements to beat opponents of different generations. Such longevity in success cements him as one of the greatest ever.


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Floyd Mayweather’s Fight Record

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather ( via: pinterest.com)
Total Fights50KO Wins27
Wins 50Total Title Wins15
Losses 0Title defenses18
Draws0Title-fight KO wins10
No-contests0Losses via KO0

Floyd fought 50 boxing matches without conceding a loss or a draw. He reigned as a champion across multiple weight divisions. Out of the 50 wins, Mayweather has knocked out his opponents on his way to achieving the win 27 times. He finished Conor McGregor in his final fight.

Floyd Mayweather’s Career Highlights & Records

Floyd Mayweather as a champion
Floyd Mayweather as a champion (via: wallpapercave.com)

Mayweather has had an illustrious career from his early 20s to his 40s. Many iconic fights with esteemed fighters made Floyd become a top 5 boxer of all time. Check out some of the achievements in Mayweather’s career:

  • Floyd won the National Golden Gloves award in 1993,1994 and 1996. But Mayweather’s amateur boxing career ended controversially after his questionable loss against Serafim Todorov in Atlanta’s finals of the 1996 Olympic Games. However, he was still awarded the bronze medal.
  • Floyd’s first major championship title in his professional boxing career came when he buried whatever disputes he had under his father and uncle to train under them. This combination of the Mayweather family propelled Floyd into the world’s elite tier of professional boxing, earning him the WBC junior lightweight title in 1998.
  • Floyd Mayweather has since won the WBC lightweight and welterweight titles multiple times, along with the titles awarded by Ring magazine. Eventually, Mayweather moved up in weight again to fight and defeat Oscar De La Hoya to win the WBC super welterweight title.
  • Floyd has chosen to retire over three times during his years of boxing. But every time he returned from his temporary retirement, the boxing legend challenged and defeated the best fighter in the world at that moment. Such consistency and perfection in his craft allowed him to defend his titles against Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.
  • But his recent retirement in the 40s seems to be his last, and Floyd has decided to earn millions through viewership by quickly demolishing amateur boxers in exhibition matches.

Floyd Mayweather is regarded to be the best defensive boxer in history. “Money”‘ had head movement like no other fighter allowing him to weave and dodge any combination of punches thrown at him by the quickest fighters.



What were Floyd Mayweather’s last five fights?

Floyd Mayweather has fought the likes of prominent Kickboxer Tenshin Nesukawa, Youtubers Logan Paul and Deji, famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor and his last title defense against Andre Berto.

What is Floyd Mayweather’s best boxing record?

Floyd Mayweather has an unbeaten boxing record of 50-0

Where is Floyd Mayweather ranked in boxing?

During his professional career, Floyd Mayweather has been no.1 in all the weight divisions he has fought in.

Who did Floyd Mayweather lose a fight against?

Floyd Mayweather has cemented his legacy in the sport by being undefeated.


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