Henry Cejudo reveals Mike Tyson struck his in-flight aggressor with ’30 combinations’ before he was filmed

henry cejudo shares inside info related to the flight incident in which mike tyson bloodied a heckler. Here is a story

Henry Cejudo & Mike Tyson
Henry Cejudo & Mike Tyson
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Tyson recently got into headlines after he hit a fellow passenger on a flight. The passenger was drunk and was trying to get a reaction from Tyson. Initially, the former heavyweight champion ignored the guy but later when things went out of control. Tyson then turned around and basically hit the guy with some heavy blows which left him in blood.

Triple C recently revealed that he and Tyson were together that night and Tyson was in a great mood. After their meeting, they went to the airport in the same car and parted ways. After that, Cejudo talked with Tyson’s manager and got to know about what had happened.

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Henry Cejudo gives a brief about what happened inside the flight

Henry Cejudo and Mike Tyson
Henry Cejudo and Mike Tyson

Cejudo recently appeared in his regular YouTube podcast along with MMA reporter ‘The Schmo’. In the podcast, Schmo asked Cejudo about his side of the story regarding the flight incident.

Henry Cejudo explained that Tyson’s manager told him that the guy on the plane was regularly disturbing Tyson. The retired boxer lost it when the guy threw a water bottle at him and Tyson just started dropping blows at him. According to Cejudo, Tyson hit the guy with around 30 combinations before the whole incident was recorded.
From what I talked to Troy, his manager is a good friend of mine. He said because he was with him, he was blocking Mike from hitting the dude. He said Mike Tyson just had enough. He like pitched the water bottle over with you know full of water so once he saw that he was just like he said Mike got up and he freaking probably hit him with 30 combinations before they actually started filming,” said Cejudo.

In the end, Cejudo warned people not to piss off Tyson at any cost and it’s not wrong. It’s not a good idea to annoy one of the most dangerous boxers in the history of boxing.

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