Mike Tyson returns on big screen to play a leading role in a dramatic thriller movie “Black Flies”

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

Tyson retired from professional boxing in 2005 after losing twice in a row. Since then, the legend never thought of doing a professional bout ever again. In 2020 Tyson took part in an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr. However, Tyson was pretty active as an entertainer as the boxer got the opportunity to play various characters.

Tyson was part of many movies like Ip Man, IP Man 3, The Hangover Part 2 etc. Although, Tyson last did the movie Hamlet Pheroun in 2019 and took a long break.

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Mike Tyson’s Hollywood comeback in Black Flies

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

Tyson has finally made his decision to return to the big screen with a big project. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Tyson has joined Sean Penn and Tye Sheridan to star in Black Files. The film will be directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire and will be a drama thriller.

In the film, Tyson is set to play the lead role, superior officer of both Penn and Sheridan who will play the role of paramedics. In the film, the characters played by Penn and Sheridan will frequently make many choices which will lead them to problems and they will have to work together to survive.

Black Flies is originally an adaptation of a novel of the same name which is written by Shannon Burke. The script of the film is combindly written by Burke, Mac Brown, and Ryan King. Director, Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire is well reputed for his past works such as Johnny Mad Dog, A Prayer Before Dawn, Punk etc. The Frenchman is excited as well as passionate about Black Flies.

Black Files is a story of Ollie Cross and paramedic in his first year at the job in New York in the mid-90s. The plot follows the story of Ollie in the streets of New York trying to do his job but has to face many problems. The story unfolds several bizzare events in the streets such as shootouts, corrupt cops, unhinged medics etc.

Other than Black Flies, Tyson is also doing an Indian action drama film named Liger. Fans are excited to see Tyson again in the bug screen given the entertainment record of the former heavyweight champion.

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