$400 million man Floyd Mayweather shows off betting wins from Chiefs back-to-back Super Bowl win

After spending a whopping $1.1 million on a Super Bowl suite, Floyd Mayweather reveals the bet he placed on the game.

$400 million man Floyd Mayweather shows off betting wins from Chiefs back-to-back Super Bowl win

Floyd Mayweather at Super Bowl (image credit- Instagram)

Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly the richest boxer to emerge from the sport of boxing. Furthermore, Mayweather is also known for his flamboyant lifestyle, which he often flexes on social media. Subsequently, Mayweather’s most recent flex on social media was his check of $18 million, which he paid to the IRS. However, before that, Mayweather had revealed casually spending $1 million for a suite at the Super Bowl. Hence, Mayweather enjoyed the game from his VIP suite and even made a bet on the game.

Mayweather attended the game with 34 other people and paid a total of $1,131,000 for the suite. The event was massive since it was the first Super Bowl in Las Vegas, and the demand for tickets was at a record high. However, Floyd Mayweather enjoyed the game from his suite, and several other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ice Spice also had their suites. As such, Mayweather shared his view of the game on his Instagram story and even revealed a bet that he placed on the game.


Subsequently, Mayweather showed that he placed a bet via Betify worth $95,438. ‘Money’ placed the bet in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs, and his potential win was $203,284. It should also be noted that Mayweather is the official brand ambassador of Betify, and the small bet was just a promotion.

The game ended with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Francisco 49ers, and the final score was 25-22. After the game, Mayweather left his suite and went to the field to congratulate the Chiefs and celebrate with them briefly.

Bubba Dub at Floyd Mayweather’s Super Bowl suite

In the last Super Bowl, Mayweather lost $10,000 after betting on the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Kansas City Chiefs. However, this time Mayweather supported the Chiefs to win and even made a $95k bet on them. Subsequently, the Mayweather bet amount may be close to $100k, but the amount is meager for him, especially since he paid $1.1 million to just attend the event.

Floyd Mayweather and Bubba Dub
Bubba Dub and Floyd Mayweather (image credit- Marca, DAZN)

Furthermore, Mayweather described the Super Bowl suite expense as a “light million and change.” The boxer spent the evening enjoying the first-ever Super Bowl in Las Vegas. In addition, he was accompanied by 34 other people, and one of them appeared to be Bubba Dub.

Bubba Dub, also known as Jerry Morgan, is a famous comedian and is well-known for his hilarious NFL commentary and criticism. In the video, Dub is trash-talking the 49ers, and Mayweather can be seen in the background.

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