“Ain’t have 2 whips at 23” – $450 million worth Floyd Mayweather challenged by American YouTuber after buying two luxury cars

Celebrity boxer and YouTuber Deen the Great gets roasted for comparing himself to Floyd Mayweather.

“Ain’t have 2 whips at 23” – $450 million worth Floyd Mayweather challenged by American YouTuber after buying two luxury cars

Deen the Great and Floyd Mayweather (image credit- X, Marca)

Nurideen Shahid Shabazz also known as Deen the Great, is one of the most famous YouTubers in the world. Furthermore, he is also known for his fame on TikTok and his entertaining and quirky personality. The 23-year-old YouTuber has been getting a lot of attention lately for his involvement in KSI‘s “Misfits Boxing” events and Deen the Great is also part of the Happy Punch promo.


Furthermore, Happy Punch Promo is run by Fousey, who is also the founder of the controversial Daniel “Keemstar”.  Every boxer wants to be like Floyd Mayweather when it comes to boxing, and reaching the pinnacle of the sport.

However, Deen the Great seems to believe that he is way better than ‘Money’ Mayweather in terms of lucrative accomplishments. He’s an undefeated influencer who’s been promoted by Misfits Boxing and is known for his recent brawl with Walid Sharks, but he’s making headlines for something else this time.

In a tweet, he stated he was better than Mayweather, which didn’t sit too well with people. Subsequently, Deen the Great stated:

Floyd Ain have 2 whips at 23.
Deen the Great via X

However, it was not a good idea, as fans attacked him for comparing himself to Floyd Mayweather. Furthermore, as soon as fans found out about the tweet, they took to the comments section to point out how much Deen the Great was wrong.

Hence, Deen the Great’s decision to promote himself was met with a lot of criticism, especially since he only had five fights under his belt. Furthermore, even the boxing community came together to disagree with his claim.

Fans react to Deen the Great comparing himself to Floyd Mayweather

Deen the Great made his professional boxing debut on July 22nd, 2022, at the undercard of Misfits Boxing X Series 001. There, he faced the American TikTok sensation Evil Hero at London’s O2 Arena and won the bout via TKO. In addition, he also fought against the undefeated boxer Pully Arif. The fight was part of the Misfits boxing X series 005 at the Telford International Centre on March 4, 2023.

Deen the Great was able to win the bout and currently has a 5-0 record with two KOs. Hence, he began to compare himself to Mayweather because of his rise to fame and undefeated record.

Deen the Great, Floyd Mayweather
Deen the Great (image credit- Marca)

Fans heavily criticized the YouTuber for comparing himself to Mayweather by reminding him that he is a celebrity boxer. Furthermore, many boxing fans brought up how Mayweather had achieved more as an amateur and as a professional at the age of 23.

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