Watch: Anderson Silva scores a brutal knockdown on Bruno Machado in return to exhibition boxing

Watch: Anderson Silva scores a brutal knockdown on Bruno Machado in return to exhibition boxing

Silva celebrates after his exhibition bout against Bruno Machado in his return to Abu Dhabi


At 47 Anderson Silva is going stronger than ever. The former UFC Middleweight Champion has transitioned to boxing and looks like The Spider who defended his UFC Gold a record 10 consecutive times. He initially made waves in the boxing world when he cruised to a decision victory over Julio Ceasar Chavez jr at an event headlined by Chavez Sr in Mexico.

Anderson Silva then made a statement on his second outing in boxing with a brutal first-round TKO victory over former UFC light heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz. Today Anderson made his return to the squared circle and put on another memorable performance on a Floyd Mayweather undercard. His opponent, 13-9 MMA athlete, Bruno Machado.

Though a far cry from his previous opponents in terms or skill and star power, Silva put on a show regardless. Taking place in the Ethihad arena, the fight was an 8-Round exhibition bout held in Abu Dhabi. There was an initial delay of over an hour when Silva was to fight, causing the event to go on late into the night, Abu Dhabi Time with Silva’s bout starting at 1:00 AM.


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Anderson Silva scored a knockdown after dominating Bruno Machado for all 8 rounds

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva against Julio Ceasar Chavez jr (right) and Tito Ortiz after suffering a walk-off KO at the hands of Silva (left)

The Spider looked omnipresent in the ring with his movements and counters. Working with his jab, throwing many as mere feelers Silva mixed it up beautifully to the head and body. By round 4 it was crystal clear who the superior fighter was with Silva barely being touched while Machado kept eating shots to the body and head.

Round 5 saw Silva add the finishing touches with relentless pressure on Machado who was pretty gunshy as to not give silva any major openings considering his deceiving movement. At the end of the round, Silva landed a brutal right-hand bomb that puts Machado on the canvas. After a standing 10-count, he advances to the sixth. The final rounds saw Silva simply playing around his opponent using his elusiveness to out-maneuver his opponent.

When all was said and done, though a winner couldn’t be announced on the scorecards due to the nature of exhibition boxing, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind over who triumphed in the Etihad that night.


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