“Only has to land one or two,” Mike Tyson lobbies behind Francis Ngannou’s unmatched power as key to victory against Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou will upset Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia according to Mike Tyson's prediction. Tyson points power and speed as the key factors.

“Only has to land one or two,” Mike Tyson lobbies behind Francis Ngannou’s unmatched power as key to victory against Tyson Fury

Mike Tyson coached Francis Ngannou for his bout against Tyson Fury (via Imago)

Mike Tyson appeared on Jim Rome‘s show to discuss his involvement in training Francis Ngannou. The legendary boxer will train Ngannou for his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury. In the interview, Tyson shared details about his coaching role and how he helped Ngannou to prepare for the fight.


The partnership between these iconic figures from boxing and MMA has garnered significant interest. Tyson’s appearance on Jim Rome’s show allowed him to elaborate on their training collaboration and address the buzz surrounding the eagerly awaited matchup. Tyson said during the interview, “Listen, this guy punches like, god knows who man. He’s fast, he moves quicker, i worked with speed and listen man, he only has to land one or two.” Mike Tyson was adamant that Tyson Fury has never fought somebody as powerful as Francis Ngannou.

Mike Tyson detailed the implications if Francis Ngannou defeated Tyson Fury in their upcoming boxing match. He said it would be an incredible upset in the sport’s history. Tyson acknowledged Ngannou’s chance despite the odds due to his knockout power. Tyson’s perspective emphasized the significant challenge Ngannou was up against and the inherent unpredictability in combat sports.

Ngannou last fought in the UFC, defending the heavyweight title against former training partner Ciryl Gane. Mike Tyson last fought an exhibition boxing event against Roy Jones Jr. Ngannou’s boxing match against Tyson Fury will be held in Saudi Arabia in October.


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Mike Tyson and Francis Ngannou talks about being a champion

Francis Ngannou and Mike Tyson
Francis Ngannou(L) and Mike Tyson(R), (Courtesy: Sports News Africa)

Francis Ngannou was the latest guest on Mike Tyson’s ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson‘ podcast. In the podcast, co-host DJ Whoo Kid asked if the title belt made someone a champion. Tyson and Ngannou disagreed and clarified that being a champion was a mindset and had nothing to do with the title.

With both the champions having experience in holding the belt, It is safe to take their words to true value. The idea that you could become a champion only by winning a belt remains false, according to Ngannou. They stated that only a person with a champion mindset could become the champion. Ngannou and Tyson both believed in themselves as champions before winning the title.

Ngannou and Tyson are both known for their ferocious power. However, Tyson has put Francis Ngannou ahead of everybody regarding power. If the former heavyweight boxer was right about his assessment, Ngannou could pull an upset against Tyson Fury.


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