WATCH: ‘Mexican Monster’ David Benavidez STOPS Demetrius Andrade after sixth round leaving fans in awe

David Benavidez defeated Demetrius Andrade after the sixth round with a fantastic performance. He then proceeded to call out Canelo Alvarez.

WATCH: ‘Mexican Monster’ David Benavidez STOPS Demetrius Andrade after sixth round leaving fans in awe

David Benavidez defeats Demetrius Andrade and the proceeds to call out Canelo Alvarez (via X)

WBC super middleweight interim holder David Benavidez showcased his dominance by destroying two-division champion Demetrius Andrade. Benavidez stopped him in the sixth round at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas. Benavidez, nicknamed “The Mexican Monster,” executed a methodical destruction, causing Andrade to retire on the stool. He then proceeded to call out Canelo Alvarez.


Benavidez’s persistent aggressiveness was clear from the start. Andrade swirled and changed levels to avoid Benavidez, but the strain caught up with him. By the third round, David Benavidez had found opportunities for heavy punches. The fourth round saw heavy combos up to a powerful right hand that knocked Andrade down.

Benavidez maintained his pursuit, chasing Andrade with powerful uppercuts. Multi-punch combinations weakened Andrade’s defense, and by the sixth round, Benavidez’s power had overcome him. In the sixth, Benavidez launched an aggressive bombardment in a show of dominance. Multiple uppercuts and right punches knocked Andrade to the ground. Andrade’s camp smartly stopped the fight before the seventh round, securing Benavidez’s victory.

Benavidez’s victory adds another exceptional chapter to his perfect record and raises reservations regarding a future meeting with Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed champion. Benavidez, who had a 28-0 record and 24 knockouts, lost no time in calling out Canelo in his post-fight statements.


The outcome of this fight confirms the unbeaten Benavidez’s standing as a serious force in the super middleweight category. It also adds fuel to the fire for a fight with Canelo Alvarez.

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Fight fans react to David Benavidez’s terrific victory over Demetrius Andrade

Fight fans reacted excitedly and anxiously following David Benavidez’s sensational victory over Demetrius Andrade. The combat sports community filled social media sites with the feelings they were experiencing. Fans were clear in praising “The Mexican Monster’s” masterful performance.

Fight fans react to David Benavidez's victory over Demetrius Andrade
Fight fans react to David Benavidez’s victory over Demetrius Andrade (via

Users on social media expressed happiness and surprise at Benavidez’s unrelenting pressure and stunning combinations. Many fans praised Benavidez’s skill set, noting his ability to tear down a difficult opponent like Andrade gradually. The fourth-round knockout sequence, which featured a crushing right hand, also became a topic of conversation. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:


The call out to Canelo Alvarez by Benavidez provided an extra element as fans discussed a possible match between the two champions. The internet buzz produced by passionate fans increased the fight’s significance and set the atmosphere for excitement in the boxing community.

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