WATCH: Floyd Mayweather drops staggering $1 Million on INSANE chain made by celebrity jeweler

Johnny Dang presented Floyd Mayweather with a million dollar chain. Mayweather adds another expensive jewelry to his collection.

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather drops staggering $1 Million on INSANE chain made by celebrity jeweler

Floyd Mayweather and his $1 million chain (Image Source - Daily Star)

Floyd Mayweather is among the greatest boxers in the lighter-weight classes. Amassing a record of 50 wins, the legendary boxer remained undefeated in his professional career. ‘Money’ has victories over legendary boxers like Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya, and Manny Pacquiao. The 46-year-old boxer from Michigan has made a name for himself in the combat sports community.

Floyd Mayweather made hundreds of millions of dollars in his boxing career. He has a reported net worth of over a billion dollars. Mayweather lives a materialistic lifestyle. The 46-year-old’s materialistic personality is evident on his social media accounts. The fighter shows off his cars, clothes, and money in various posts on Instagram and Twitter. Recently, he purchased a million-dollar chain that became the talk of the combat sports world.


Vietnamese-American Johnny Dang is considered an expert in the jewelry department. Floyd Mayweather purchased the million-dollar chain from Dang. Dang uploaded the video of the purchase on his YouTube channel. Dang visited the 46-year-old to present the expensive chain and filmed his reaction. The video is currently at a staggering 700,000 views on his channel.

Mayweather said, “Like I talked about before, I got different jewelers all around the world. Now, of course, Johnny Dang, the ‘Diamond Boys,’ they made this one [The $1 million chain].” Mayweather is a smart businessman. Even after retirement, Mayweather refuses to put a limit on his spending.

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Floyd Mayweather was once gifted a $1 million hat

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (Image Courtesy – The Economic Times)

Boxing fans know Floyd Mayweather as ‘Money.’ The nickname reflects his status as a top box-office draw in the sport of boxing. The top two highest-sold PPVs in combat sports history remain a Floyd Mayweather boxing bout. He has many cars, jewelry, real estate, and clothing. Apparently, he also has a highly valuable hat in his possession.

In the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight, the 46-year-old was spotted wearing a hat that was encrusted with diamonds. This sparked a lot of speculation about the item and its value. After the event, one of his jewelers, who goes by the name of ‘Shuki Diamonds,’ gave an interview on TMZ regarding the hat.

This is a special hat they [Floyd Mayweather] designed. Only one in the world, for the legendIt’s the flawless invisible diamondTo make this hat, it took a month and a halfNot only that, to collect the diamonds, at least takes about a year,” said Floyd Mayweather’s jeweler.


Floyd Mayweather’s jewelry collection is reported to be over $50 million. The fighter has diamonds and gold encrusted in most of his possessions. No other athlete in sports history has a jewelry collection like Mayweather.

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