‘I don’t keep it on my phone,” Floyd Mayweather reveals SHOCKING fact about his 37,000,000 following social media account

The TBE Floyd Mayweather reveals his thoughts on social media and what he does with the platform. 

‘I don’t keep it on my phone,” Floyd Mayweather reveals SHOCKING fact about his 37,000,000 following social media account

Floyd Mayweather (Source: IMAGO)

Floyd Mayweather is a retired professional boxer and one of the most successful and well-known figures in the sport’s history. The former champion, Mayweather, is widely regarded as one of the most outspoken figures in the sport. Hence, he has consistently expressed his views on issues that he believes need to be addressed. Simultaneously, Mayweather once spoke about his views on social media and his usage of the platforms.

Mayweather Jr. is one of the wealthiest boxers in the world, with a net worth of approximately $450 million. This wealth allows him to purchase a wide range of luxurious items, ranging from expensive apparel to costly grooming services and residences. Subsequently, Mayweather often flexes his belongings in a flamboyant way on social media for his fans to witness.


However, in an interview, Mayweather shockingly revealed that he condemns the regular usage of social media. Furthermore, Floyd Mayweather stated:

Do I got social media? Absolutely. But do I keep it on my phone? No, I don’t

Mayweather stated that social media can be great in the way it promotes interconnectedness and gives a glimpse into people’s lives. However, Mayweather stated that social media can be very toxic because of the time and energy we waste on it.

Furthermore, Mayweather revealed that he doesn’t keep social media on his phone. Even though he has 29.5 followers on Instagram and 7.5 followers on Instagram.


Subsequently, Mayweather emphasized the importance of properly using the hours we have in a day to be productive.

Floyd Mayweather still has his groove even at 46 years old 

Many consider boxing legend Floyd Mayweather to be the best athlete to ever compete in the squared circle. Furthermore, Mayweather has the accomplishments and hard work to back the claim even today.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (image credits- Marca)

At 46 years old, Mayweather is still boxing and can still be seen in action on a regular basis. In a recent video that surfaced online, you can see Mayweather boxing without even looking at the pads.


Subsequently, Mayweather’s effortlessly padding work drill exercises reflect on his immense boxing IQ. In addition, Mayweather’s speed while doing the pad work drill depicts his current efficiency, even at his age.

Even though he announced his retirement from the sport of boxing, Mayweather continues to take part in exhibition bouts. ‘Money’ has shared the ring recently with Tatsuya Nomura, Logan Paul, Aaron Chalmers, and Deji Olaunji.

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