WATCH: Floyd Mayweather shows exceptional skills in new sparring footage ahead of his exhibition fight against Dan Moore

Floyd Mayweather who will be facing former sparring partner Don Moore in Dubai put his skills on full display in newly leaked sparring footage.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather

At 45, Floyd Mayweather will return to action in another exhibition bout with his opponent slated to be an “undefeated boxer”, ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore. New Sparring footage has been released showing the undefeated former professional, polishing up his skills. The last time we saw Mayweather in action was against Youtube personality, Logan Paul a fight where he was reportedly paid in excess of $100 Million.

In the new training footage, Mayweather (in yellow) can be seen sparring his gym partners and effectively slipping punches and landing a few counters of his own. The video also shows him to be on what seems like long runs with his entourage with Floyd leading the fray.

The footage also shows Floyd Mayweather hitting pads. Though the shots aren’t as crisp as we’ve gotten used to from the former multiple weight class champion, they’re certainly more precise than most of us mortals could wish to be after becoming grandparents for the first time.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather’s last outing was against Youtuber turned boxer Logan Paul

It also seems that whenever Mayweather heads out on a run with his entourage, a separate entourage or more precisely a convoy of SUVs are right on their tail. Oh, the luxuries money can afford! This will be Mayweather’s first fight against a boxer in 7 seven years since he last faced Andre Berto to elevate his record to 49-0.

Since then Mayweather has fought UFC Superstar, Conor McGregor in 2017. This fight was popularly known simply as “The Money Fight” and was Mayweather’s last professional boxing bout, retiring with a record of 50-0. He also fought kickboxing sensation, Tenshin Nakamura

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Floyd Mayweather will fight his former sparring partner in an 8 round exhibition bout

Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore
Don Moore and Floyd Mayweather have been sparring partners since 2012

Floyd’s next opponent Don Moore isn’t a true challenge for the former Champion. In fact, Moore has been a sparring partner of Floyd since as early as 2012. Though Moore may be marketed as an undefeated boxer, the devil lies in the details. He started his professional career a mere 3 years after Floyd, in 1999. He currently has a record of 18-0-1 with 12 victories coming by way of knockout.

The last time Moore fought professionally was back in 2016. None of his opponents had a winning record before they fought him with at least two facing him in their debuts.

Hence it doesn’t seem to be a boxing match with any stakes in it but rather a glorified sparring session. The first press conference for the fight that takes place on the 14th of May has been scheduled to take place at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, Nigeria. The fight itself is scheduled to take place on the 14th of May, on top of a helipad at the Burj Al Arab.

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