“He’s soft-type stuff,” Gervonta Davis recalls awkward encounter with intoxicated Ryan Garcia after the fight

Gervonta Davis remembers when he shut down Ryan Garcia's friendship proposal after being asked twice.

“He’s soft-type stuff,” Gervonta Davis recalls awkward encounter with intoxicated Ryan Garcia after the fight

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis (Image Courtesy: Imago)

Gervonta Davis reveals not wanting to be friends with Ryan Garcia because he doesn’t respect him as a boxer. Davis and Garcia went against each other on April 22 earlier this year and it was one of the most anticipated boxing bouts of 2023. Going into the fight, Davis was the favorite and Garcia had the support of the fans. 


However, in the fight, Davis showed levels, toyed with Garcia, and ultimately dropped him in the seventh round with a liver shot. Even after sharing so much time inside the ring, Davis just doesn’t consider Ryan Garcia an elite fighter.

During an interview with Complex, Davis mentioned how, before the fight in a club, Garcia asked if they could be friends. He said: “He definitely asked me that. He was a little intoxicated but just him coming and ask me ‘Can we be friends’ is like,  it make him like, he’s soft type stuff. So he asked me I’m like no. I said it agreesively to him, just so he could feel it. So he kept looking and come back and like  ‘bro can we be friends bro?’. I’m like, no. ” 

According to the lightweight champion, Garcia was drunk and wanted to be friends with him but Davis had no intentions of doing so and he simply denied it. Davis mentioned that such behavior by Garcia is what makes him soft, which is not suitable for a sport like boxing. 


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Ryan Garcia’s father reveals the reason why his son lost the fight with Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia
Garcia (Image Courtesy: DAZN)

Ryan Garcia experienced difficulty breathing after failing to respond to the referee’s 10-count following Gervonta Davis‘s left hook in the seventh round during their fight. Initially, Garcia didn’t seem significantly affected by the punch, but he eventually went down to one knee and couldn’t rise as the referee completed the count. In an interview with Fight Hub, Garcia’s father, Henry, mentioned how the rehydration clause affected his son’s fight.

“If he had not accepted those conditions, this fight would not have happened. He told me personally, “Dad, as soon as I got in the ring I felt like my legs were gone, but I wanted this fight.’ It’s something he had always dreamed of,” Henry Garcia said.

According to his father, Garcia felt terrible before going into the fight due to the clause. Henry revealed that as soon as Garcia stepped inside the ring he felt weak and wasn’t at 100 percent.


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