Jake Paul continues working on his prospective career in the NFL with a stunning 40-yard dash

Jake Paul
Jake Paul interview

Jake Paul shows off his 40-yard dash as he thinks more about starting his NFL career as a professional. Three months ago while talking to ESPN, Paul revealed his intentions to play professional American Football after he’s done with boxing. The Youtuber turned boxer explained that he is thinking about retiring from boxing after 10-0 and will probably join the NFL. He said :

“I can run a 4.5 second 40-yard dash. You don’t think the Browns will draft me, come on now. I can play fresafety…Slot receiver, I’ve got hands.If you get me some of those sticky Nike gloves, I’ll be up in there scoring touchdowns and you’re going to see me on SportsCenter’s highlight reel.”

The 26 year old also reassured his statements by making another tweet about buying cleats and training for the NFL.

“Just ordered some cleats and gloves to start practicing routes for the NFL.”

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Jake Paul shares his 40 yard dash on Twitter

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Recently, Paul made another tweet related to his training for the NFL. In the tweet he can be seen sprinting 40 yards on the sand with no cleats in very small time. Paul also explained that the recording was taken after a hard workout related to sprinting.

40 yard dash messing around = 4.54 seconds.

  1. No cleats
  2. Sand
  3. This was after a workout of 16 sprints,’ wrote Paul.

It’s hard to tell what Paul is thinking as he is capable of doing everything and being a troll not everything he says is true. Fans are a little confused but many have shown their support as some criticized Paul for his futile claims.

Paul is currently 5-0 as a professional record and has technically never fought a boxer. His biggest achievement was to knockout former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley in their second fight. Paul is doing great in his career as he is brilliant in marketing himself to the public. However, NFL is a highly competitive sport and is a team sport which makes it even harder for Paul to get an opportunity.

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