WATCH: “You want me to put me in jail?” Hollywood star Jamie Foxx hilariously recreates blind singer Stevie Wonder interrupting angry Mike Tyson and female fan

Jamie Foxx shared humoristic tale of Mike Tyson and a girl at a party. The incident scared Stevie Wonder who wanted nothing to do with the legendary boxer.

WATCH: “You want me to put me in jail?” Hollywood star Jamie Foxx hilariously recreates blind singer Stevie Wonder interrupting angry Mike Tyson and female fan

Jamie Foxx shares funny incident between Stevie Wonder and Mike Tyson (Source: Instagram/IMAGO)

Veteran actor Jamie Foxx is famous for his comedic stints, expressions, and storytelling. He is infamously known for his mimicry of boxing legend Mike Tyson, a close acquaintance. A recent video has surfaced on an encounter between Tyson and veteran singer, songwriter, and musician Stevie Wonder. As Foxx stated in the video, the musician was playing piano when he heard a confrontation. He heard Tyson shouting at a random girl, which scared him to death. This was at an after-party for Tyson coming out of prison.


The girl wanted to take a picture with him, to which the legendary boxer angrily reacted and asked if she wanted to put him back in prison. The altercation scared the life out of Wonder, who staggered out of the scene. Mimicking the incident, this is what Foxx had to say about the scenario:

All of a sudden...and I saw this myself correctly. A girl said - Mike can I take your picture. [Tyson said] Get the f**k away from me! You wanna take pictures? You wanna put me back in jail, is that what you want?...I said Stevie sit down and then cool down. He heard that and his notion was just to flee.
Jamie Foxx said on a podcast about what Mike Tyson spoke at a party.

The immense scare factor had set in because of Tyson’s preferences. At the party, Tyson did not like the famous American singer-songwriter Sisqo and his song ‘Thog Thong’! He even alerted him to stay away from him. Knowing Tyson’s reputation for raging feats, Wonder did not want to risk it.

The narration makes the story many-fold funnier than it should be. Correspondingly, Foxx has thus been chosen to play the legendary boxer in an upcoming biopic, Finding Mike.


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Jamie Foxx gives updates on amazing body transformation for Mike Tyson role

Actor Jamie Foxx is bulking up rapidly for his latest film project. He is set to play boxing legend Mike Tyson himself. In real life, Tyson is consequently a good friend and close acquaintance of the actor. New pictures of him in the role have surfaced online. Recently, he had also taken to Instagram to post a snap of himself sitting atop a short flight of stairs. The photo boasted huge biceps, deltoids, and trapeziums. Foxx has claimed that it is still an ongoing part of his transformation.

Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson
Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson (Source: New York Post/MARCA)

Foxx confirmed the movie was in the works while on Mark Birnbaum‘s Instagram Live series Catching Up. Since then, there have been some amends, with ‘Finding Mike’ now being a limited series. Actors such as Justin Timberlake have praised the progress on social media. Former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya has also commended his progress.

Foxx has stated that he undergoes a routine of daily pull-ups and chest dips, sixty of each. Sometimes, he even had to stretch to a hundred, attributing to his change. He, however, mentions that he is still not built like it needs to be, and the production might need to get some prosthetics or bodysuits after all.


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