“Fraudster” – John Fury breaks silence following Tyson Fury’s underwhelming performance by going after KSI for unpaid ‘bet money’

Tyson Fury's father, John Fury, yet again urges KSI to pay his dues. A bet was made but John Fury claims KSI backtracked on the bet.

“Fraudster” – John Fury breaks silence following Tyson Fury’s underwhelming performance by going after KSI for unpaid ‘bet money’

John Fury wants betting money as KSI lost against Tommy Fury in October (via Imago/DAZN)

Tommy Fury vs. KSI headlined the Prime Card at the AO Arena in Manchester, England in October. The build-up to the fight involved heated press conferences and beef between the fighters. The match was rather underwhelming for several people who felt that the bout involved more clinching than fighting. Subsequently, before the bout, Tommy’s father, John Fury, had placed a bet with KSI on Adin Ross’s stream.


The stream acted as a promotion for the fight. However, it became something else altogether when John and KSI made a bet. The loser of the bout would have to pay 200,000 pounds to the winner. Furthermore, Tommy secured victory via a unanimous decision, and John quickly claimed the money he was owed. However, KSI has still not paid his dues, and John has again called him out again. This is what John Fury said:

Mr. KSI, still no payment. What kind of person are you, my friend? You’re looking like a fraudster, a fake, and a waste of time.
John Fury via social media.

Right after the bout, John made a video urging KSI to pay the money he had verbally and publicly agreed to pay. However, after Tyson Fury’s controversial victory over Francis Ngannou, the Furys have been awfully quiet. John Fury found the perfect way to break the silence. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of KSI.

John made a video urging the YouTube star to pay the money he rightfully owes, which will be donated to a charity. At the end of the video, John stated that he was not going anywhere and asked KSI to pay again.


John Fury’s professional boxing career

John Fury’s boxing career is one of the most searched topics on the internet. Primarily due to his popularity as a person and his family’s presence in the boxing world. Furthermore, the father of Tyson Fury, also known as the Gypsy, had a total of 13 professional gloved boxers.

John Fury
John Fury (image credit- Twitter)

Subsequently, John claimed to have had much bare-knuckle experience before his boxing career. Furthermore, John claimed to have carried on a family tradition of bare-knuckle boxers. Even though John lost his professional debut, he then went unbeaten for seven fights before suffering another loss.

John would go on to win his next three fights, but his professional boxing career would be cut short by three straight defeats. One of Fury’s last bouts was against the world’s future WBO light heavyweight champion, Henry Akinwande. Despite an average career, he was able to mold Tyson to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

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