“It’s a pile of sh*t” – John Fury goes off on rant after rumors of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight being rebooked

John Fury goes off on a rant for being linked with negotiation rumors with Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

John Fury Jake Paul
John Fury shuts down rumors of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

John Fury does not want his name to be associated anywhere near the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury boxing match that is rumored to be announced for 2022. Fury Sr. believes talking about the “tosser abroad” is only a waste of time.

The younger brother of heavyweight champion of the world, Tommy Fury was supposed to be YouTube sensation Jake Paul’s first-ever boxing career fight against a professional boxer. The Prblm Child is currently 5-0 in his boxing career and has never lost a fight. However, all of his opponents have been fairly new to boxing and did not have any past experience. After getting slandered for not facing a legitimate opponent, Jake decided to take his backstage beef with Tommy to another level and book a fight.

Jake and Tommy were initially supposed to fight each other in August 2021 but the fight fell off as the British boxer was forced to pull out due to medical reasons. Since then Jake has not fought in the boxing ring. Recently there were several rumors that suggested the talks for the rebooking of a Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight are in place and John Fury is behind-the-scenes negotiating the deal. Big John who was enraged by this news decided to post a video to shut rumors down forever.

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John Fury wants nothing to do with “that clown overseas”

Jake Paul Tommy Fury John Fury
John Fury and Jake Paul

“People mentioning me saying that I’m saying that there’s negotiation in place for Tommy to fight this clown overseas. This is not true. I am having nothing to do with this at all because it is a pile of sh*t,” said Big John in the latest rant. Tommy has come out in the past asking for the fight to be rebooked when Paul did not want to fight Fury again. However, there has been an interest off-late from Paul’s camp towards this fight again.

“I don’t like anybody wanting to associate with the people over there. They’re nothing but a pack of losers, and YouTubers, and I’m not interested one bit in any way shape, or form. So people don’t keep using my name saying…because it is not true. I want to do nothing to do with this at all. Not now. Not ever,” Fury ended.

Though Jake has not been active in the ring, he has been very active in the world of boxing. The fighter helped put together the iconic fight between Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor in what will go down as one of the greatest boxing matches of all time. Jake with his promotions, MVP, and Eddie Hearn, joined hands and put on this amazing female boxing match.

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