“I’m not upset,” Oleksandr Usyk reveals being happy about Tyson Fury’s injury due to an important family news 

Oleksandr Usyk reveals his thoughts about his fight getting postponed with Tyson Fury and states that Fury is scared

“I’m not upset,” Oleksandr Usyk reveals being happy about Tyson Fury’s injury due to an important family news 

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk go face to face (credit- X.com)

With two of the biggest names in the sport set to collide, the world keeps waiting for the undisputed clash. The fight is a legendary clash between undefeated boxers Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. Subsequently, the fight was supposed to occur on February 17th but was postponed to May 18th. This was due to Fury sustaining a severe cut above the eye during a training camp.


While the news disheartened fans all over the world, the fighters themselves were probably more disappointed. Tyson Fury expressed his frustrations about the injury and announced his intent to continue with the fight. However, it was reported that Usyk was smiling when he first heard the news about Fury’s injury. In an interview with Boxing King Media, Usyk spoke about his reaction to the news and his exact thoughts. As such, Usyk stated:

I came back home, and I thought that I would see my daughter earlier than I expected. I feel okay; I am not upset.
Oleksandr Usyk via Boxing King Media

In addition, Usyk missed the birth of his daughter because he was away at camp in preparation to fight Fury. Since then, Usyk finally got to see her before. It was a huge relief for him, and he did become too upset about the postponement of the fight.

Some would say it was a blessing in disguise for Usyk because he finally saw his newborn child. As such, Usyk stated that he was not worried and that whatever’s written in the future would come to pass. Hence, Usyk’s calmness in the face of his biggest fight being put on hold is unbelievable.


Oleksandr Usyk states that Tyson Fury is scared

Fury sustained a devastating cut above his left eye during a sparring session. The WBC champion was rushed for medical attention, which required several stitches. Hence, this caused the fight to get postponed, and many people claimed that Fury was scared of Usyk.

Oleksandr Usyk, Tyson Fury
Oleksandr Usyk (image credit- Marca)

Similarly, Usyk’s promoter also publicly stated this, and it caused Fury to lash out at him during a virtual interview. In the interview with Boxing King Media, Usyk spoke about Fury’s injury and his thoughts on Fury. Hence, Fury stated that a punch and not an elbow caused the cut, but it is difficult to confirm that.

In addition, the interviewer brought up Usyk’s promoter’s comments and asked Usyk if he thinks Fury is scared to fight. After this, Usyk responded, stating that he didn’t know if Fury wanted to fight him or not, but he stated that Fury was scared for sure.

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