“Keep the gold” – Olympic winner Mario Kindelan offered to sell medal for $5000 to Amir Khan to buy house for mother

Former boxer Amir Khan reunited with his Olympic boxing rival Mario Kindelan. What happens next will warm the heart of anyone.

“Keep the gold” – Olympic winner Mario Kindelan offered to sell medal for $5000 to Amir Khan to buy house for mother

Amir Khan and Mario Kindelan (image credit- X)

Amir Khan is a retired British boxer. He paid tribute to his former opponent Mario Kindelan, who defeated Khan 19 years ago. Furthermore, both made contact after Kindelan contacted Khan and offered to sell him one of his prized possessions. The relationship between Kindelan and Khan began at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Subsequently, Kindelan won the gold medal in the men’s lightweight division.


It’s safe to say that Kindelan isn’t one of Khan’s regular adversaries, as he’s the man who defeated him in the gold medal match at the Athens 2004 Olympics. In addition, the gold medal is the same prized possession that Kindelan offered Amir Khan in exchange for $5,000. Furthermore, Kindelan wanted to use the money to construct his mother’s house in Cuba. Khan agreed to pay the amount but did not agree to take away Kindelan’s gold medal. Furthermore, Khan stated:

I will give you the money for your mother's home, but you have to keep the gold medal.
Amir Khan to Mario Kindelan

Hence, at an event in Bahrain, Kindelan met up with Khan again, and the two of them posted a video on social media where Khan recounted the conversation. Furthermore, Khan stated that the Cuban fighter told him he wanted to sell him the 2004 Olympic gold medal for $5,000.

In addition, KIndeland stated that he wanted to use the funds to help his mother build a house in Cuba. Khan said he offered to pay the money if Kindelan agreed to keep the medal and never sell it himself. Subsequently, Khan stated that Kindelan won that gold medal and solely belonged to him.


Amir Khan plans to take on Manny Pacquiao

Khan, a retired boxer, has reportedly stated that he could be ready to return to the sport next year. Furthermore, Khan plans to take on the eight-weight division world champion Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan, Mario Kindelan
Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan (image credit- Inside the games, Al Jazeera

In addition, At 17 at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Khan became Britain’s youngest-ever Olympic medalist. Even though it’s only been a year since he retired for the second time, it’s clear that Khan wants to fight again. What’s more surprising is that he wants to fight his former teammate and fellow boxing star Pacquiao.

Fans reacted to the news with mixed emotions, with many not being able to overlook Khan’s recent defeats. Furthermore, people also brought up his two-year ban for testing positive for a banned substance after losing to Kell Brook.

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