“This was trash,” Ryan Garcia requests DAZN to ban Influencer boxing After KSI’s hugging fest and Dillon Danis’ embarrassing display

Professional boxer Ryan Garcia reacts to the crossover boxing match between KSI and Tommy Fury. He did not like the featured bouts.

“This was trash,” Ryan Garcia requests DAZN to ban Influencer boxing After KSI’s hugging fest and Dillon Danis’ embarrassing display

KSI vs. Tommy Fury and Ryan Garcia (image credit- IMAGO)

KSI and Tommy Fury are both notable figures in the world of combat sports and entertainment. KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, gained fame through his YouTube channel and has since ventured into professional boxing. Furthermore, KSI is known for his high-profile matches against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul. On the other hand, Fury is a professional boxer and the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.


In addition, Fury fought against Jake Paul earlier this year, in February, and won the bout via split decision. KSI and Fury soon embarked on a rivalry and managed to set up a fight with each other, which hyped fans. However, their fight was very underwhelming and controversial, and professional boxer Ryan Garcia reacted by stating, “This was trash. Leave it on the internet, Dazn, don’t put this stuff on again it’s embarrassing.

The KSI vs. Tommy Fury main event fight was very disappointing compared to the buildup of the fight. Both sides engaged in a lot of trash talk, heated press conference moments, and personal comments.

However, throughout most of the fight, both fighters barely maintained their distance from each other to land significant blows. Instead, KSI and Tommy Fury mostly kept clinching across the bout while landing a few blows here and there.


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Fans react to Ryan Garcia’s comment on the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight

During the promotion of the KSI vs. Tommy Fury Prime card fight, the co-main event between Dillon Danis and Logan was much more entertaining. Ironically, even during the fight day, the co-main event was more eventful and entertaining in comparison to the main event.

Tommy Fury and KSI
Tommy Fury and KSI (image credit- The Guardian)

Logan dominated Danis across the fight, and Danis attempted to pull off some illegal moves inside the boxing ring. Subsequently, the fight ended with Danis being disqualified after he charged towards Paul, and both teams started fighting. Celebrities like Jake and Garcia are calling the main event trash, especially in comparison to the chaos and entertainment in the co-main event.

Fans have agreed to Garcia’s comments on the fight by calling the main event a ‘hug fest’ instead of an actual boxing match. However, some fans defended KSI by stating that he was bringing more PPV compared to Garcia, and DAZN values celebrity boxing more.


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