“One leg kick and,”- Ryan Garcia’s message to UFC boss Dana White amidst Devin Haney fight has boxing fans furious

Ryan Garcia calls out Sean O'Malley for a fight in the UFC ahead of his boxing match against Devin Haney.

“One leg kick and,”- Ryan Garcia’s message to UFC boss Dana White amidst Devin Haney fight has boxing fans furious

Ryan Garcia and Sean O'Malley (Image Courtesy: CBS Sport)

Sean O’Malley and Ryan Garcia have had their differences for a long time and have been calling out to each other. The UFC star had previously said he would be open to fighting ‘KingRy’ inside the boxing ring. While there hasn’t been any movement towards a possible boxing match, Garcia recently requested a UFC fight. Furthermore, Garcia is currently set to fight undefeated boxer, Devin Haney on April 20.


As such, fans have been worried about Garcia’s preparation for the fight, and his challenge to O’Malley has perpetuated that concern. A crossover fight between Ryan Garcia and O’Malley inside a boxing ring has already been deemed impossible. However, Garcia has now claimed that he is willing to fight an MMA fight against O’Malley. Furthermore, Garcia stated

I’d fight Sean O’Malley in the UFC; that’s it, but Dana, you’d have to cut me that real check.
Ryan Garcia via Instagram

During an interview with The MMA Hour, O’Malley mentioned that the UFC isn’t interested in arranging a cross-over fight with Haney or Garcia. Subsequently, Garcia has given up on the idea and instead decided to directly write a message to Dana White on his social media.

Since the idea of a cross-over boxing fight has been shut down, Garcia suggested that he would be interested in fighting an MMA fight. The challenge is strange since Garcia has no MMA experience and would be mismatched against O’Malley.


Fans react to Ryan Garcia’s challenge

The UFC has not yet commented on Garcia’s challenge for the potential fight against O’Malley. However, fans have gone into a frenzy after Garcia mentioned that he is willing to fight in the UFC. Garcia mentioned that he is willing to do the fight only if White offers him a satisfying fighter’s purse.

If the fight becomes a reality, it will be interesting, even though it is a clear mismatch. Furthermore, fans have been worried that Garcia is not focusing on his upcoming fight with his amateur boxing rival, Haney. As such, fans reacted to Garcia’s tweet, stating, “One leg kick and you’re on the ground, lol.”

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia (Via Instagram)

Fans expressed how an MMA fight between O’Malley and Garcia would be a horrible matchup. Furthermore, fans urged Garcia to focus on his upcoming fight against Haney before thinking about a fight against O’Malley. Subsequently, fans stated that White should make the fight happen since it would be interesting to witness.

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