“Should be ashamed of yourself” – Terence Crawford unleashes a fiery response to Jermell Charlo for challenging him post-Canelo beatdown 

Terence Crawford sends a message to Jermell Charlo after his loss against Canelo Alvarez. It might not sit well with Charlo.

“Should be ashamed of yourself” – Terence Crawford unleashes a fiery response to Jermell Charlo for challenging him post-Canelo beatdown 

Terence Crawford mocked Jermell Charlo for his performance (image credit- IMAGO)

Jermell Charlo fought the super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 30. Subsequently, Alvarez emerged victorious in the fight after securing a unanimous decision victory after a 12-round bout. Before this fight, there was a lot of beef going on between Alvarez and the Charlo brothers. Jermell Charlo also had beef with Terence Crawford as well.

On several occasions, the Charlo brothers dismissed and downplayed Alvarez for his boxing skills. Subsequently, Alvarez proved Charlo wrong by dominating the fight across 12 rounds. In addition, after the fight, Terence Crawford said, “You went out sad. Didn’t even try to win, all you did was try to survive. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Crawford’s statement is true, as Charlo tried his best to survive rather than bringing the fight to Canelo. 

Crawford directly addressed Charlo’s loss and performance against Alvarez and expressed that he was not impressed. Furthermore, before the fight, Charlo had expressed his desire to fight Crawford after Alvarez, and he wanted to KO Crawford. Errol Spence Jr. and Charlo are good friends. Charlo and Crawford started beefing in the lead-up to Spence vs. Crawford. Crawford’s dominant win over Spence made Charlo upset.

Charlo had even boldly accused Crawford of cheating in the fight by hitting Spence on the back of his head. Hence, Charlo stated his desire to fight with Crawford in the post-fight interview, even after losing against Alvarez. However, it appears that Crawford remains uninterested in Charlo and doesn’t consider him a worthy challenge.

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Jermell Charlo praises Canelo Alvarez

In the post-fight interview, Charlo stated he did not shy away from criticism and knew how to take a loss. Furthermore, Charlo believed he could have done better and fought more aggressively while fighting Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo
Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo (image credit- The Guardian)

However, Charlo stated that he was proud of his performance and did not get any opening to fight back. Charlo was also not ashamed of his loss because he fought against one of the greatest boxers in the sport. Furthermore, Charlo stated, “Canelo’s a motherfucking beast. He’s an ox,” and he could not stop his pressure.

Subsequently, Charlo also said that jumping two weight classes affected his fighting style because he wasn’t used to it. In addition, Charlo could dodge several solid punches and land 42 blows to the body. However, Alvarez was able to prove himself as the better boxer even though Charlo did a lot of trash talk before the fight.

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