“You Fought In April” Tyson Fury gets humiliated by fans for announcing his “comeback” fight against Derek Chisora

The Gypsy king has been trying to make sure that he is welcomed properly if he deiceds to return to the ring, however, fans don't appreciate the way he's going about it

Tyson Fury x Derek Chisora
Fury gets trolled for wanting to fight Chisora a third time
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Had Tyson Fury retired right at the moment when he recaptured the WBC Heavyweight belt from Deontay Wilder, it would have gone down as one of the most amazing careers in boxing history. However, sticking around to complete an unwanted trilogy, against Wilder, fake retirement and now coming back only to fight another trilogy he’s already won, has all led to Fury’s reputation in the boxing world going down considerably

Today Fury posted an official call out of Derek Chisora and introduced his new trainer for the fight, Isac Lowe. Looking in better shape since his retirement binge, it seems that Fury really is headed back to the ring.

However, the fan response to this wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows as many want him to either pursue the sport full time Or leave it for good. Here are some of the best and funniest fan reactions to Tyson Fury

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Tyson Fury gets trolled for seeking a trilogy against Derek Chisora

Tyson Fury x Derek Chisora
Fury vs Chisora 1

Fury was rightfully called out by a substantial number of fans for avoiding an opportunity to unify the belts again Usyk.

Can’t call it a comeback if you never went away

Many others wondered whatever happened to that freakshow fight against Francis Ngannou.

A more apt comparison has never been made in the history of combat sports

While an easy fight for Fury, many were still concerned about dropping legendary trainer, Sugar Hill from his camp.

One fan theorized that this was nothing but Tyson distributing his wealth among his friends.

Fury’s point about Muhammad Ali also having trilogies in his career was not well received by fans as Ali was never 2-0 walking into them

Finally to sump up everyone’s emotions about this announcement

What do you think is the feasibility of Fury making a comeback? Who would you want him to face off against? Let us know.

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