“Real US Greens” Tyson Fury places a massive Million Dollar bet against Jake Paul ahead of his fight with Tommy Fury

Tyson Fury has accepted Jake Paul's call out and upped the stakes in the bet

Tyson fury x Jake Paul
Fury responds to Jake's callout for a bigger, million dollar bet

Tyson Fury and Jake Paul have a strong back and forth going on via social media where the two have been constantly verbally arguing about whose camp will come out on top come August. Now Tyson has officially upped the stakes and has called for a massive bet between him and Jake that is sure to grab plenty of eyes towards the bout.

The exchange started when Jake put out a video to his twitter where he mentioned a clip from an earlier interview from Tyson. In the clip Fury promises to place a $100K bet on his brother Tommy to beat Jake. Paul took the opportunity to call out Tyson who earned upwards of 40 million this year in his fight against Dillian Whyte for placing such a low amount on his brother, saying, “See I can’t tell when someone’s really not confident” asking the Heavyweight to bet a million or above on his brother.

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Tyson Fury responds to Jake Paul’s callout for a higher stakes bet

Tyson fury x Jake Paul
Fury and Paul are set to face off at the iconic MSG

After many thought the offer would be turned down, the Gypsy King fired back with a scathing response while also questioning the legitimacy of Jake’s earnings. On Twitter, Fury put out a video quoting Paul’s callout and was indeed ready to “up the ante”

“Hey Jakie boy” said Fury opening up the video doing his best impression of an American accent. He continued, ” I hear you want a bigger bet than $100k, you wanna do a bigger bet motherf**ker? Let’s do it! “

Fury then asked Jake for a guarantee of payout saying, “Hey Jackie I want the million dollars in escrow sucka! ” Fury further went on to question Jake’s wealth doubting if he even has a million dollars and asking the fighter to refrain from Crypto payments. He said, “I ain talking about crypto, I’m talking about real US Green Bags Mother***ker, real US dollars”

Ironically Fury has been allegedly denied entry to the US to attend the press conference for the fight. This is a direct result of his connections with crime kingpin and head of the Kinahan Cartel and Daniel Kinahan. Fury has gone on to thank the crime boss on multiple occasions and has faced the consequences ever since the US put a bounty on Kinahan early this year in March. He was last photographed with Kinahan in February in Dubai.

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