“Just to keep my weight down”- Tyson Fury reveals why he continues training well after his retirement

Tyson Fury retirement
Tyson Fury

Last month on April 23, Tyson Fury fought Dillan Whyte and after winning the bout declared that he wants to retire from the sport. Fury claimed that he has done everything in boxing and there is nothing more challenging for him to do.

Even after his announcement, many fans were not accepting the fact that Fury would be retiring. Fury is currently on the top of his game and is unstoppable. For him to hang the gloves now didn’t make sense for many fight fans.

While some believe in Fury’s world, many thought Fury is just doing this to earn more money. Early retirement like this will make his potential comeback a huge deal and would attract massive attention and pay-per-view buys. This could be one of the reasons Fury decided to retire now.

However, things are not clear yet and fans are still optimistic to see Fury fight again in the ring.

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Tyson Fury comments on on his training regime

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

Still after his retirement, Fury has continued his daily routine including hardcore training sessions. The ‘ Gypsy King’ addressed the fact in his recent Instagram story.

Fury shared a news piece which implied that Fury is still training according to his trainer. The former boxing superstar explained that he is only training in order to stay in shape and maintain his body weight. It’s also helpful for his mental health. He wrote :

“Yes training daily but just to keep my weight down and for my mental health,”

In the end, Fury has hashtagged it by writing #JUSTLOVETRAINING which shows his dedication for boxing. Other than that, it also prompted the fans to make assumptions regarding his boxing comeback.

Currently, Fury is in France for a holiday. The family has been there after Fury defeated Dillian Whyte. Fury has been sharing clips and posts of him having fun in France. It looks like the boxer is really enjoying his retirement. After returning from France, Fury will most probably meet WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman to talk about the title vacation. Even after all these, fans are still looking forward to the fight between Fury and Francis Ngannou that both the fighters have promised in future. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the ‘ Gypsy King’.

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