“Without Saudi, boxing is dead,” Tyson Fury showers praise on Saudi Arabia and credits Turki Alalshikh for stopping his retirement

Tyson Fury acknowledged and praised Saudi Arabia for its involvement in boxing and the growth it has caused for the sport.

“Without Saudi, boxing is dead,” Tyson Fury showers praise on Saudi Arabia and credits Turki Alalshikh for stopping his retirement

Tyson Fury (image credit- The Guardian)

One of the biggest benefits that boxing has received from Saudi Arabia’s involvement has been the promotion of the sport globally. Furthermore, they have provided an opportunity for boxing fans to witness some of the biggest events in the sport. As such, fans of the sport were able to witness several big-name fights, which included Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou, Anthony Joshua, and many more. Subsequently, while fans got to witness big fights, the fighters were also able to benefit financially from Saudi Arabia’s involvement.


As such, during a recent interview with ‘The Stomping Ground’, the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion showered praise on Saudi Arabia. In addition, Tyson Fury complimented Turki Alalshikh for bringing boxing back to its former glory.

Boxing was dead until the Saudis came in. I think I had the last big fight in Wembley with Dillian Whyte. And had the other one with Cisora. But since then, I think boxing’s been dead. Without Saudi, boxing is dead. That’s a fact.
Tyson Fury via The Stomping Ground

Hence, Fury praised Saudi Arabia and Alalshikh for making some of the biggest fights in boxing in recent years. Fury also revealed that if it weren’t for Alalshikh, he would not be fighting right now and would have retired. 

Furthermore, Fury stated that Saudi Arabia’s involvement is a breath of fresh air and has had a great impact on boxing. Subsequently, Fury mentioned how Saudi Arabia can secure big boxing superstars and arrange a fight between them easily. 


Tyson Fury says Francis Ngannou should kiss his feet

Ngannou’s professional boxing debut against Fury was one of the biggest events that Saudi Arabia organized last year. Furthermore, the crossover fight was a massive success, and the fight gained a lot of attention because of Ngannou’s performance. As such, this catapulted Ngannou’s career as a heavyweight boxer and helped him secure his fight with Joshua

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou (image credit- IMAGO)

Hence, during his interview with ‘The Stomping Ground,’ Fury took credit for Ngannou’s presence in boxing. Fury believes fans underestimated Ngannou before his fight with him. Furthermore, Fury took credit for putting Ngannou under the spotlight. 

Subsequently, Fury stated that he made Ngannou a multi-millionaire and solidified his presence in the heavyweight division. In addition, Fury stated that he was making Ngannou more money after the fight. This is why Fury believes that Ngannou should be grateful to him and should get on his knees and kiss his feet

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