“Anderson’s gonna do his little magic Bruce Lee bullsh*t, I’m gonna fight,” Tito Ortiz insults Anderson Silva

Tito Ortiz plans on destroying Anderson Silva inside the boxing ring, says all that Bruce Lee stuff won't work against him.

Tito Ortiz on Anderson Silva
Tito Ortiz on Anderson Silva

Tito Ortiz is going to compete in a boxing match against fellow UFC legend Anderson Silva. It was by far the most brutal weight cut for Ortiz, and he plans on making Anderson pay for all this trouble.

Silva is an excellent striker and he is known for his unpredictable movements and on-point counter striking, Ortiz on other hand is a classic brawler and he promised to bring the physicality in this one and get the finish.

During the press conference, Ortiz said, “I’m no boxer. I’m gonna come here, I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna try to knock him out. That’s my job. I’m gonna come in, I’m gonna punch him through his face. I’ve gotta touch him and I’ve got to touch him with numbers.”

He continued, “He’s fast, he’s elusive, he moves well, but once again, me at 195, I’m gonna be a lot faster than I was at 205. A 10-pound difference, that makes a huge difference because I don’t have the muscle size I did when I was at 205. But once again, I’m here to kick a**, that’s my job. I’m here to entertain, that’s my job. I’ve been doing it for 24 years, I’m not stopping on Saturday night.”

Bruce Lee stuff saved my life the whole time inside the ring,” Anderson Silva will stick to his gameplan

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva

Anderson is famous for his flashy moves, and kung fu style approach, Ortiz however, is unfazed by all this and he is prepared for war, he said, “Anderson’s gonna do his little magic, Wing Chun, Bruce Lee bullsh*t. I’m gonna come in to fight.”

Anderson claimed that he will stick to his approach, “I fight for my entire life and Wing Chun and Bruce Lee stuff saved my life the whole time inside the ring, inside the cage too,” Silva said. “I don’t like to talk too much. I like to go inside the ring and go inside the cage and do my job. I’m not here for disrespecting nobody. I grow up watching boxing and I trained in boxing for my entire life.”

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