Why did Gervonta Davis leave Floyd Mayweather promotions?

Gervonta Davis was signed to Floyd Mayweather's promotions at one point in his career. When and why did he leave Mayweather promotions? Take a look

Why did Gervonta Davis leave Floyd Mayweather promotions?

Floyd Mayweather shares a great relationship with Gervonta Davis (Image Source - Marca)

Gervonta Davis is an American lightweight boxer who has been undefeated throughout his professional career. Nicknamed the ‘Tank,’ Davis’ is considered a boxing genius at the age of 28. His explosive power and accuracy in the ring have made him a modern-day legend. Davis’ recent fight saw him emerge victorious against long-time rival Ryan Garcia. However, Gervonta Davis has racked up controversies over the years inside and outside the ring. Issues like cheating on his partner, assault as well as hit-and-runs are a part of ‘Tank’s legacy.


Another thing the fighter is known for is his affiliations with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and his promotional company. In 2015, Floyd signed Davis to Mayweather promotions. They helped guide Gervonta in his career and earned him a 26-0 record. ‘Tank’ had also previously mentioned ‘Money’ Mayweather as his mentor and has trained with him. Things seemed to work well for Gervonta and Mayweather’s promotions until it got sour in 2022. Mayweather and Davis shared a great relationship until things took a turn for the worse.

The relationship between Gervonta and Floyd had turned sour soon. Davis claimed that the 46-year-old was jealous of him and refused to let him train in the Mayweather Gym. In late 2022, reports of Gervonta Davis leaving Mayweather promotions turned out to be true. ‘Tank’ said he had ‘no hard feelings’ on the matter and wanted to go his way in his career. Floyd Mayweather was also seen attending the Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight and congratulating ‘Tank’ on his victory.

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Gervonta Davis reveals the reason he’s leaving Mayweather promotions

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Gervonta Davis left Mayweather promotions in May 2022 (Image Source – Marca)

In the ‘Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer,’ Gervonta Davis revealed the true reason he wanted to leave Mayweather promotions. The Rolly Romero vs Gervonta Davis fight was the fighter’s last bout under Mayweather promotion. He said that there was no bad blood that led to this decision. Davis also claimed that he wanted to go in his direction regarding his fighting career.

When boxing host and commentator questioned ‘Tank’ about his departure, he said, “It don’t necessarily have to be, leave Mayweather promotion.” He continued, “It’s about just becoming that man and handle your own responsibility and your own priorities.” “So I feel as though it’s my career and I need to be the one to control my career,” said Gervonta Davis. There seems to be no bad blood regarding the departure from Mayweather promotions. Davis just wanted to be in control of his own destiny and not be locked up under a contract. Gervonta Davis has fought two fights after departure: Hector Luis Garcia and Ryan Garcia.

And it’s time,” said Gervonta Davis to Brian Custer. “Everybody doesn’t need to have them training wheels on them forever. It’s time to ride their own bike without training wheels,” said ‘Tank.’ “I’m definitely appreciative of what they’ve done over the years, and there’s no love lost.” “It’s just time for me to grow up and be my own man“, ended Gervonta Davis. After the fight against Rolly Romero, Gervonta Davis ended his 3-year relationship with Mayweather promotions.

Floyd Mayweather speaks on Gervonta Davis leaving Mayweather Promotions

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Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis reconciled (Image Source – The US Sun)

In public, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather had always supported Gervonta Davis. Upon signing him in 2015, Floyd has shown his full support to the 28-year-old. ‘Money’ was witnessed supporting Davis in his fights and offering his guidance. The two were also training together in the gym. It was a great relationship for the two fighters until it wasn’t. It is rumored that due to contractual issues, their relationship had gone sour. The ‘Tank’ accused Floyd of disbarring him from training in the Mayweather gym. A couple of back and forths later, it seems like they have settled their differences.


In an interview with the YouTube channel, ‘Earn Your Leisure,’ Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather had nothing but praised for ‘Tank’ Davis. He said, “I have always been a gentleman. I have always been respectful. There’s nothing like taking a kid that comes from the same background as you, and helping them and put them in a position to become a multi-millionaire,” said Floyd. This was in reference to the fact that Mayweather discovered Gervonta Davis and was impressed, leading to signing him up. “Years later, I started working with him,[Gervonta Davis] helped him, pushed him to be great,” said ‘Money’ Mayweather.

If he[Gervonta Davis] feels like he grew wings and he can fly and become his own boss, more power to him,” said Floyd Mayweather. “I did not get into the sport of boxing after I retire to not wanna see fighters grow. If he[Gervonta Davis] feels like he can surpass Floyd Mayweather or be the next Floyd Mayweather, I’m here to push you. Go for it,” ended ‘Money.’ At the end of the day, there is no bad blood between the fighters. The 46-year-old attending ‘Tank’s recent fight and supporting him, cemented their relationship as being cordial toward each other.

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