Career Loss percentage against each other of The Big 4

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The quartet of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray was popularly known as The Big 4 in the Tennis fraternity. Each one of them has claimed the World Number 1 ranking through the years, outperforming the other three for weeks in succession. They were ranked year-end top four consecutively from 2008-2012.

Between them, they hold 313 career titles, including 55 out of the last 60 Grand Slam Titles as of the 2020 Australian Open, and have also earned the prize money of a whopping $ 456,978,154.

Out of the 66 matches that they’ve played against each other in a Grand Slam, 48 times one of them has gone on to win the Grand Slam. Their careers have been a story of passion and great affinity towards the game.

Roger Federer loss percentage

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Starting with Roger Federer, he has had a total of 270 career defeats out of which 62 have been handed to him by the Top 3, which is 23% of his total defeats. A major chunk has been handed to him by Novak, 27 of them, while Rafa and Andy have also had their fair share of 24 and 11 respectively.

Rafael Nadal loss percentage

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Rafael Nadal has been handed 52 defeats by the Top 3 out of a total of 199 career defeats. Djokovic has defeated him the most, 29 times while Andy has defeated him the least, 7 times and Roger stays in the middle with 16 wins over him. Rafa owes 26% of his defeats to the Top 3.

Novak Djokovic loss percentage

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While it’s a rare sight for Djokovic to lose, he has still lost 187 matches out of which 60 defeats have been by the Top 3, giving him a 32% loss rate against the other 3. Rafa returns the favor by overpowering him 26 times, closely followed by Federer with 23 and Murray with 11 wins against Novak.

Andy Murray loss percentage

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Although, Andy Murray hasn’t been on the top of his game for a few years now due to the major setbacks in the form of a big hip injury. He has lost 196 games out of which 56 are after being defeated by the Top 3, which is 29% of the total. Djokovic has bested him 25 times, Rafa another 17 times and Roger 14 times.

Quick summary

Federer 23% (61 out of 270 career defeats)
Nadal 26% (52 out of 199)
Murray 29% (56 out of 196)
Djokovic 32% (60 out of 187)

The Big 4 had been the talk of the town for 5 straight years from 2008-2013, which was an era of sheer dominance and top quality display of Tennis time and again consecutively. While the Big 4 can be barely differentiated when looked at from a Tennis enthusiasts’ perspective, statistically speaking Novak has the edge over the others by never losing more matches than he’s won against not one but all 3 of them.

The game of Tennis is not all about statistics which is why these 4 are respected highly by everyone and a matchup of any of the two still gathers huge masses of crowds. They produce shots from the top drawers, resilience of the utmost quality, and unparalleled mental strength giving the fans no time to even blink, arguably this was the “Golden Era” of Tennis.

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