“I would’ve been out for blood!” Carmelo Anthony mocks Kevin Durant for letting Anthony Edwards talk trash to him in playoffs sweep

The Phoenix Suns were blown away by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the playoffs round 1.

“I would’ve been out for blood!” Carmelo Anthony mocks Kevin Durant for letting Anthony Edwards talk trash to him in playoffs sweep

Anthony Edwards and Carmelo Anthony

The Minnesota Timberwolves swept the Phoenix Suns, led by the youngster, Anthony Edwards. Ant-Man had a fantastic season, leading the Wolves to the third seed in the West, while also establishing himself as the next face of the league. Going up against the Suns, Edwards was all about business. The 22-year-old went at Kevin Durant.

Edwards’ trash talk was heard around the NBA community and Durant seemed pretty light about it. However, Hall of Famer, Carmelo Anthony, wouldn’t have tolerated such talk from the youngster. In the recent episode of the Point Foward podcast, Melo talked about Anthony Edwards’ trash talk and how he would’ve reacted to the same.

I love it. I would have been like, 'This n**** buggin'. I don't wanna kill this lil' n****. I would've been out for blood. In a competitive way, I would've been out for blood. Because I'm taking that as, 'What?'. It's just that it goes back to say 'You got to know how to put these pieces together'. And I get what Phoenix did, they said, 'F*** it', we going all in... These young boys ain't trying to hear that s***.
Carmelo Anthony said

Carmelo Anthony was one of the greatest scorers of all time. The 10-time All-Star has played as far as the Conference Finals, though his playoff numbers speak volumes. However, as the younger generation is taking over, players like Anthony Edwards, Luka Doncic, Tyrese Maxey, and others are establishing themselves as elite scorers of the league.

Anthony Edwards once gave Carmelo Anthony the taste of his own medicine

During his rookie season, Edwards was making a lot of noise around the league. The rookie was averaging 19.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.9 assists. Against the Blazers, Edwards hit a three over Anthony and did his signature celebration right after. Not only that, but he also finished that game with 34 points and six triples, as the Wolves beat the Blazers by two.

Anthony has a pretty good idea of how big Edwards is going to be in the future. As the youngster currently ranks fourth in points per game this postseason, Ant-Man is not done yet. The Wolves will be facing the Nuggets next, as they advance to the second round.

It will be interesting to see Anthony Edwards dominate in yet another series. The Wolves seemed to have found their rhythm, though going up against the reigning champs won’t be as easy. Game 1 of the Conference Semi-Finals is scheduled for Saturday, as the Wolves will look to start things off with a win.

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