Carmelo Anthony recalls exact moment he knew Stephen Curry was going to be All-time great 

Carmelo Anthony had an interesting story to tell about Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry.

Carmelo Anthony recalls exact moment he knew Stephen Curry was going to be All-time great 

Steph Curry and Carmelo Anthony

Stephen Curry is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, and he has been considered by some as a top-ten player of all time. Furthermore, his impressive career has seen him win four NBA rings.


Recently, Carmelo Anthony shared a fascinating story about Steph Curry on his podcast, “7PM in Brooklyn”. Anthony revealed that the Baby Faced Assassin would often attend his workouts, even when he was in college, and he would intently observe and learn from the unorthodox training methods.

Steph used to come to the workouts. I would never let people in the workout. I never wanted guys that I had to go up against to know what I was doing. At this time, we talking about even in college going into NBA. My first couple years, I'm in the gym, CP is coming out of college. CP brings Steph to the workouts. I'm watching Steph, he's just studying like all the sh**… Then we would play one-on-one. I saw everything that we we're seeing in college when he was at Davidson and made that run in the tournament. All of that up, close and personal.
Carmelo Anthony said

Furthermore, Anthony went on to describe how Curry would participate in one-on-ones with him, where he showcased the same skills that made him a standout player at Davidson College. Also, Curry’s impressive performance in the NCAA tournament during his time at Davidson was a testament to his hard work and talent.

Curry has continued to impress, as he averaged 26.4 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game while shooting 45.0% from the field and 40.8% from three-point range in 74 games in the just-concluded regular season. This has cemented his status as one of the all-time greats, and stories like Anthony’s only add to his legendary status.

Steph Curry wins second Magic Johnson Award 

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has won the 2023-24 Magic Johnson Award, which was announced by the Professional Basketball Writers Association (PBWA). This award honors the NBA player who excelled on and off the court, as well as showed cooperation and grace as they dealt with the media and fans.


Curry, at 36, is a recipient of numerous awards in his 15-season career, which includes two league MVPs, four NBA championships, and 10 All-Star selections. He was one of five finalists for the Magic Johnson Award, alongside Bam Adebayo, DeMar DeRozan, DPOY Rudy Gobert, and Tyrese Haliburton.

Furthermore, Curry also received the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award and was named Social Justice Champion. He also earned the Clutch Player of the Year award for the just concluded season once again demonstrating how great a player he is. 

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