Chad Gable mocks popular WWE Superstar by calling her “Taylor not so Swift” on Raw

Chad Gable once again insults his stablemate Maxxine Dupri on Monday Night Raw.

Chad Gable mocks popular WWE Superstar by calling her “Taylor not so Swift” on Raw

Chad Gable (via WWE)

Chad Gable‘s recent change in character may also mean a change in his company. On the latest episode of Raw, the former olympian seemed highly impressed by Ivy Nile and had some advice for her. However, he made sure to insult his stablemate, Maxxine Dupri, along the way. 

Gable told the 32-year-old that he thought she had potential. He further advised her to stop wasting her time with Dupri, referring to her as ‘Taylor, not so Swift’. This was not the first time Gable had insulted the female superstar in such a manner. He previously insulted her intelligence by calling her “dumb as a box of rocks.”

Nile is a known ally of Maxxine Dupri. She stood by her side after Candice LeRae berated her with personal insults. However, Gable did not seem too impressed with the company she keeps. The Alpha Academy leader was already highly disappointed with his faction this week. Both Akira Tozawa and Otis lost their matches to Bronson Reed and Sami Zayn, respectively.

Stop wasting your time with 'Taylor not so Swift' over there. 
Chad Gable to Ivy Nile

There have also been several rumors of Gable abandoning his current faction. He would then be accompanied by the Creed Brothers, who would also turn heel in the process. Considering that Ivy Nile is also a member of the Diamond Mine faction, his being impressed with her brings the 38-year-old a step closer to his new faction.

Alpha Academy may be on the verge of breaking up after Chad Gable slaps Otis

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw saw tensions grow in the Alpha Academy. Chad Gable was highly disappointed with the Heavy Machinery following his match against Sami Zayn. Despite the former olympian instructing his student to refrain from doing ‘The Worm’ dance, he proceeded to do it anyway.

Chad Gable Otis
Chad Gable and Otis (via WWE)

Further, Gable’s repeated screaming at his stablemate made him lose focus, allowing Zayn to capitalize on the situation and win the match. The mentor entered the ring and started screaming at his former tag team partner. The Intercontinental Champion re-entered the ring and hit his challenger with an exploder suplex.

The formerly known Shorty G rolled out of the ring in time to avoid a Helluva Kick. He then claimed that the entire thing was Otis’ fault before brutally slapping him. With his faction repeatedly disappointing the Raw Superstar, he may be looking for new allies ahead of his triple-threat match at King & Queen of the Ring for the Intercontinental Championship.

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