Chad Johnson gives much-needed clarity on Tee Higgins’ contract situation with the Bengals

The initial contract offered by the Bengals to Tee Higgins didn’t even exceed $20 million per season.

Chad Johnson gives much-needed clarity on Tee Higgins’ contract situation with the Bengals

Chad Johnson and Tee Higgins (Via Imago)

There has been some tension between the Cincinnati Bengals and star wide receiver Tee Higgins for quite some time now. With his contract extension hanging in the middle of an offseason where the NFL teams aren’t shying away from investing hefty sums in wide receivers, Higgins has been utterly upset with the Bengals. 

However, in a recent conversation with TMZ Sports, Chad Johnson gave some relief to the Bengals fans, saying he had been in touch with the WR. The former Bengals star claimed he is confident that both the parties involved will surely reach a satisfactory conclusion to keep Higgins in the team

I think we're going to work it out. We'll figure it out. ... It's business—it's the nature of the business. He's going to be all right, though.
Chad Johnson told TMZ

When the Bengals used the franchise tag on Higgins, it appeared they were willing to pursue contract talks further, hoping to come to a common ground. However, it’s nearly two months and there is hardly any progress in the making of a long-term contract. 

Higgins is projected to receive $21.8 million in 2024 through the franchise tag. But the initial contract offered by the Bengals didn’t even exceed $20 million per season, as per Kelsey Conway of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Given, that there are at least 18 wideouts in the league, making $20 million per season– Higgins ought to join the least with his new extension. 

Potential teams for Tee Higgins to land next 

With passing time and no progress in the contract talks, Higgins has reportedly restored his request for a trade. The report comes courtesy of ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

If the Bengals approve and the receiver moves forward with it, there are quite a few teams who can potentially be his next home. 

Tee Higgins Bengals
Tee Higgins (Via Imago)
Bengals franchise WR Tee Higgins also has requested to be traded being that there have been no contract talks with the team now in over a year.
Adam Schefter reported

The New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are known to be top on the list. All these are in search of a potential WR2 to solidify their offenses for the upcoming NFL season.

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