“You can’t hit no lady!” Charles Barkley RIPS Patrick Beverley for launching ball at female Pacers fan

The NBA does not take any altercations with fans lightly.

“You can’t hit no lady!” Charles Barkley RIPS Patrick Beverley for launching ball at female Pacers fan

Charles Barkley rips Patrick Beverley for hitting a female Pacers fan in the head with a basketball, suggests the NBA will suspend him

For Milwaukee Bucks star Patrick Beverley, his season did not end on a good note. Getting into a heated altercation with Indiana Pacers fans is one thing, launching a basketball at them is another.

It becomes worse as his first attempt hit a female Pacers fan right in her face. Something NBA legend Charles Barkley ripped Beverley for. While watching the replay of the incident on their show Inside the NBA, an infuriated Barkley had his say on the matter.

Charles Barkley knows what it is to get entangled with fans during a game. However, he did not appreciate what the Milwaukee Bucks star did in that situation.

He hit that lady in the head. You can't hit no lady, ever. Listen, I've done stupid stuff and I got criticized. That's just wrong. He's gonna get suspended for that. And that's gonna be a good one, too. Cause he didn't do it once. He did it twice.
Charles Barkley said

When host Ernie Johnson suggested that it was not expected from a 12-year veteran like Beverley, Barkley doubled down on his take.

I don't expect that from an 18-year-old. That's just stupid.
Charles Barkley added

The Hall of Famer made a point. After all, when Beverley hit the female Pacers fan in the head, he should have gone there to apologize and make things alright. Instead, he tried to hit another fan with the ball on his second attempt.

Therefore, the former MVP thinks that the defensive ace will get suspended by the NBA for a good amount of time. For years, the league has tried to avoid another Malice in the Palace situation. This might not be that bad, but bad nevertheless.

Patrick Beverley refuses to talk about the incident

After the game, Patrick Beverley was in the locker room taking questions. Answering one by one about his team and their injury issues, one reporter started to ask about the altercation between him and the fan. But the veteran just stopped the reporter in his tracks and blankly refused to talk about it.

It seems he did not want to discuss the incident publicly. Had he said anything, there was a likelihood that his words will be used against him. After all, as Barkley pointed out, the NBA will conduct an investigation. He was being cautious. Trying to justify himself on the backdrop of a playoff ending loss would have just made matters worse.

Patrick Beverley might be facing the music from the league. They do not tolerate such behavior, especially with fans. The results of his actions will come out in the coming days.

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