“They are booing because you are wrong,” Coco Gauff gets into a heated exchange with chair umpire during French Open semifinal against Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek won her 20th consecutive match at the French Open.

“They are booing because you are wrong,” Coco Gauff gets into a heated exchange with chair umpire during French Open semifinal against Iga Swiatek

Coco Gauff was seen arguing with the chair umpire (Via Imago)

The French Open is coming to an end, but the umpire conflicts continue to take place, causing major turnaround even in the most important stages. Recently, Coco Gauff got into a heated exchange with the chair umpire after a wrong call for the second time in the semi-finals.

The American was up against Iga Swiatek for a place in the finals. It was another important semi-final match between them, and Swiatek had taken off in a very dominant manner. She won the first set to put Gauff under immense pressure in the second. She tried to make her way back into the game but had no luck on her side.

Two times, the umpire called the wrong call, making it more difficult for Gauff to make a comeback. In the second set, Swiatek hit a serve that was called out but the umpire overruled it because Gauff had swung her racket at the ball. Gauff had missed the return and said that she hit the ball only when the line call was made, but the umpire did not give the point.

The crowd erupted with a wave of boo as they realized the umpire’s fault. Gauff also was pissed and had a small argument with her.

I didn’t even finish my follow through. He called it before I hit it. Can you ask him? They’re booing because you’re wrong… I have the right to finish my swing.
said Coco Gauff to the chair umpire during her match

However, the umpire did not revoke her decision and continued the game. Soon Gauff fell behind and lost to Swiatek in straight sets 6-2, 6-4. Another dominating victory for the Pole, who has now made it to the finals of Roland Garros.

Iga Swiatek has high praises for Coco Gauff after her victory in the semi-finals

Iga Swiatek made her way to the finals of the Roland Garros after yet another dominating victory over Coco Gauff. She has been unstoppable all season and is only one match away from successfully defending her title.

Iga Swiatek
Iga Swiatek (Via Imago)

With the win over Gauff, the Pole extended her French Open win streak to 20 wins and made it to her third consecutive French Open finals, fourth overall. However, at the post-match press conference, she had much praise for her opponent.

I think Coco is progressing a lot, you can see by her results. Last year’s US Open shows she’s tough, she’s going to grow, so it’s nice to see her handling well everything around her.
said Iga Swiatek via Roland Garros Press

Now, Swiatek is one match away from winning her third consecutive French Open title to complete her triple crown. She won the two masters ahead of the French Open and can complete the trio with a win over Jasmine Paolini.

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