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Conor McGregor and Ali Abdelaziz slashed each other over Twitter

Conor McGregor shared screenshots of his personal chat with Dana White and said he was never given a chance to face Gaethje, Ali Abdelaziz replied to him on Twitter in his own words.

Ali Abdelaziz and Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has shared way many things on Twitter for the readers to digest. Starting with first things first, McGregor will be coming back to UFC in 2021 and he is in serious talk with boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. This fight is almost a done deal only some formalities are remaining.

Conor also shared the tweets of his and Dana White’s personal chat on Twitter, McGregor was in talks with Dana to face Justin Gaethje and Gaethje also said after he wins against Khabib he would like to defend his title against Conor.

 Talking about their fight earlier Conor tweeted, “Code was broke when you lied about me turning down fights mate. I said Justin in May and you went and said I did not want to fight.”

It’s not about Diego; Diego was a filler to get more fights in. Also you have been involved in Manny talks the legal letters are there. Stop lying”. He said all these to expose Dana White.

Ali Abdelaziz giving a befitting reply to Conor

Ali Abdelaziz

Ali Abdelaziz never stops a chance to take it on Conor, they both don’t personally like each other. Ali gave a reply to Conor’s tweet saying that he is lying.

Ali said, “Stop lying to the people you never mentioned Justin Gaethje name we tried to fight you in January and you choose to fight cowboy over Justin we called you out publicly you never mentioned Justin name also Justin choose to fight Tony Ferguson for the intern belt sit down son”.

On one hand, Conor is saying he was never given a chance against Gaethje, and on other hand, Ali is saying Conor never accepted this chance, now only time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

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